Caution: This column may stretch your faith in macroevolution while at the same time exercise your ability to wonder. What's your wonder quotient? On one extreme; are you totally gullible and always in wonder? Do you believe everything that you read without investigating for yourself? Or in the other extreme; are you a complete materialist, thinking that everything, including thought, will and feeling, can be explained only in terms of matter? Therefore, you are never in wonder because even if you can't explain it you have faith that somewhere, somehow, someday, someone will be able to in a way that makes sense to you? Be prepared for the experience of wonder!!

“It was easy to believe in macroevolution when I was growing up. But then I came face to face with the knowledge of how the body actually works. NeoDarwinism and macroevolution vs. the truth of Medical Science: it didn't add up then and it doesn't add up now. See what you think!!” Some ID Medicine— Howard Glicksman M.D. finds ample evidence of intelligent design in the human body as he shares his insights.

“He who can no longer pause and become rapt with wonder is no longer alive”

— Einstein