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This is the archive page for articles that have appeared under "In the News" on the ARN homepage. Many appear on other subject-appropriate pages, while some only appear here. Articles appearing in this section may be copyrighted by other organizations. If so, ARN will attempt to provide copyright information and a weblink to the original source. ARN does not endorse all viewpoints represented in these news articles. The articles are simply presented as news items of general interest to our web visitors.

Creation: Chance or Design - new book by David Tyler December 22, 2003 Evangelical Press David Tyler discusses how far Darwinism is at odds with both Biblical revelation and scientific facts. File Date 12.22.03

Climb Every Mountain? - Getting Stuck on Adaptive Peaks December 19, 2003 Science Elena and Sanjuan discuss problems with how adapted creatures evolve into other adapted creatures which strikes at the core of Darwinian thinking. File Date 12.19.03

A Conversation with Paleotologist Kevin Padian December 19, 2003 California Monthly Padian discusses his naturalistic worldview and comments on the ID movement. File Date 12.19.03

Book Review of "Life’s Solution: Inevitable Humans in a Lonely Universe" December 18, 2003 ISCID Dr. Morris takes aim at "ultra-Darwinists and IDers, yet, indeed believes in an agent's handiwork. File Date 12.18.03

"Come Fly with Me": The Fly's Complexity December 10, 2003 Caltech Engineering & Science Dr. Michael H. Dickinson and his research team show the remarkable complexity of the body and behavior of common flies. File Date 12.10.03

Dr. Phillip Johnson is World Magazine's "Daniel of the Year" December 13, 2003 World Magazine Dr. Phillip Johnson honored as World Magazine's "Daniel of the Year". File Date 12.13.03

Proposed Lesson on Evolution Upsets Scientists December 4, 2003 Columbus Dispatch Scientists and teachers in Ohio still don’t like the idea of teaching the controversy with regard to Evolution. File Date 12.04.03

Darkness Before the Dawn - of Biology December 1, 2003 The Scientist Scientists continue to debate on the origin of life through their narrow materialistic filter. File Date 12.01.03

Richard Dawkins Talks Up Atheism with Messianic Zeal November 25, 2003 The National Post A review of Richard Dawkins’ book “A Devil's Chaplain”. File Date 11.25.03

Ohio ID Opponents Speak Up November 24, 2003 Cleveland Plain Dealer Professors who are anti-ID knock down straw man arguments and put their spin on the controversy. File Date 11.24.03

Book Review of "Doubts About Darwin" November 23, 2003 The Denver Post Dr. Doug Groothuis reviews the book "Doubts About Darwin" by Tom Woodward. File Date 11.23.03

New Template for Computer Chips: DNA November 21, 2003 The New York Times Scientists are using DNA to speed up computer chips. File Date 11.21.03

Darwinist Richard Dawkins on Campaign to Stamp Out Religion. November 20, 2003 The Crimson Richard Dawkins asserts that religion is a societal norm that stems from children’s psychological tendencies. A must read! File Date 11.20.03

Gene Activation: It's Quite Dynamic! November 17, 2003 ScienceDaily This study of Gene Activation by the Wistar Institute shows the surprisingly comlexity of the process! File Date 11.20.03

The Gems of "Junk" DNA November 2003 Scientific American Just when researchers thought they had DNA nearly figured out, they are discovering in chromosomes two vast, but largely hidden, layers of information that affect inheritance, development and disease. For years, ID advocates have been predicting that this would be the case. The complexity is staggering! File Date 11.19.03

Texas Textbook Battle: Evolution Errors Corrected? November 10, 2003 Baptist Press While some factual errors concerning evolution may very well be corrected, peer-reviewed scientific weaknesses of evolutionary theory will not be included. File Date 11.11.03

Brave New Schools: Student books censoring evolution's faults? November 7, 2003 Activists who want evolution's strengths and weaknesses addressed in science textbooks lost a battle yesterday in Texas, which has influence on curriculum nationwide as the country's second-largest buyer of school materials. File Date 11.07.03

The Evolution of Textbooks: Students shouldn't be protected from dissent November 5, 2003 The Dallas Morning News The board will meet tomorrow and Friday to vote on a series of textbooks that activists, including some scientists, say provide inaccurate and misleading information about Darwin's theory of evolution. File Date 11.06.03

Board to vote on texts' take on evolution November 6, 2003 The San Antonio Express-News Because Texas is the second-largest textbook market in the country, the board's vote could determine which books are sold in other states. The final vote is Friday. File Date 11.06.03

The Mystery of the Missing Link October 28, 2003 The Spectator It is becoming fashionable to question Darwinism, but few people understand either the arguments for evolution or the arguments against it. File Date 10.28.03

Paul Gross's Dilemma September 22, 2003 The Design Inference William Dembski's open letter Open Letter to the National Association of Scholars in Response to Paul Gross’s Article on Intelligent Design. File Date 09.28.03

Textbook debate: It's all about the evidence September 18, 2003 The Houston Chronicle Cynical old lawyers have a maxim: When you have the facts on your side, argue the facts. When you have the law on your side, argue the law. When neither is on your side, change the subject and question the motives of the opposition. File Date 09.28.03

Groups debate how origin of life should be taught in Texas September 10, 2003 The Star Telegram Scientists, teachers and religious leaders clashed Wednesday over how the origin of humanity should be taught to Texas school children in biology textbooks. File Date 09.15.03

Biology textbooks spark ideological fireworks at hearing September 10, 2003 The Centre Daily Although not exactly the Scopes Monkey Trial, scores of sometimes unruly critics and proponents of modern evolutionary theory squared off Wednesday before the Texas State Board of Education. File Date 09.15.03

Texans favor teaching both strengths and weaknesses of Darwin’s theory of evolution September 8, 2003 Discovery Institute By nearly a five-to-one margin Texas residents say the state board of education should approve biology textbooks that teach both Darwin's theory of evolution and the scientific evidence against it. File Date 09.09.03

40 Scientists Join Growing National List of Skeptics of Darwin September 5, 2003 Forty scientists from across Texas have joined a group of over 250 other scientists from around the world in declaring their skepticism of a central tenet of Darwin’s theory of evolution and urging that “careful examination of the evidence for Darwinian theory should be encouraged.” File Date: 11.24.03

Schools' Science Standards Will Serve Students Well September 4, 2003 AlbuquerqueJournal. As the dust settles on the "controversy" over the state science standards, Rebecca Keller and Michael Kent reflect on what they mean for New Mexican students. Accordign to tthe authors, to preserve the integrity of science, mainstream scientific theories, such as evolution, should be taught. However, scientific theories must be presented as science, not ideology; this is the real victory for students. File Date: 11.24.03

Teachers and Students encouraged to use critical thinking skills in New Mexico August 29, 2003 Although the New Mexico Board of Education voted to keep evolution in the science curriculum, Education Department manager Sharon Dogruel assured concerned citizens that it was not the State’s intention to indoctrinate students in the theory. Teachers will be free to present research evidence that poses problems for macroevolutionary theory and students may ask questions. File Date: 11.24.03

Evolution's Defenders Should Avoid Absolutism August 23, 2003 Sante Fe New Mexican Tomorrow, someone might dig up a bunch of bones that make Darwinism look as silly as Aristotelian astronomy. File Date 08.26.03

DNA Could Be Basis for Power Computing August 17, 2003 Associated Press It almost sounds too fantastic to be true, but a growing amount of research supports the idea that DNA, the basic building block of life, could also be the basis of a staggeringly powerful new generation of computers. File Date 08.26.03

Critics accuse publisher of changing textbook August 11, 2003 Associated Press Textbook publishers begin correcting errors in biology textbooks to prevent being left out of the large Texas market. File Date 08.11.03

Institute supports accurate science August 11, 2003 San Angelo Standard Times When students study Darwin's theory of evolution, should they learn only about its strengths, or should they also hear about its weaknesses? File Date 08.11.03

"Brights" An Exchange Between Daniel C. Dennett and Michael C. Rea. July 13, 2003 Notre Dame A spirited exchange between ”Bright” Daniel C. Dennett and Michael C. Rea. File Date 07.13.03

"Brights Come Out of the Closet. July 12, 2003 The New York Times ”Brights” are atheists who prefer to be influential in civic and social arenas rather than stoop to religious pursuits. Learn the credo of “Brights” in this article. File Date 07.12.03

New force in the fray on state's textbooks July 09, 2003 American Statesman 'Intelligent design' adherents use science to question evolution. File Date 07.11.03

PCID January - June 2003 July 09, 2003 Press Release The double issue of PCID features papers from I.G.D. Strachan on evolutionary simulations, Frank J. Tipler on the nature of peer review, Joshua Smart on the application of irreducible complexity and several others. File Date 07.11.03

Darwin Faces a New Rival June 22, 2003 Sacramento Bee Intelligent design proponents say natural selection doesn't adequately explain the complexity of the universe. Instead, they say, life is the product of a directed process with intention. File Date 06.28.03

Bada, Joyce, Orgel speak at UCSD on the Origins of Life June 2,0 2003 On June 10, 2003, three well-known researchers, Jeffrey Bada, Leslie Orgel, and Gerald Joyce, spoke on the "origins of life" at UC San Diego. File Date 06.20.03

ISCID Summer Workshops July, 2003 Online workshops with Dembski, Behe, Macosko, Gonzalez and more. File Date 06.20.03

The Design Revolution June, 2003 The table of contents and introduction to William Dembski's forthcoming book. File Date 06.12.03

What Really Happens When Fruit Flies Fly? June 10, 2003 New York Times Packed into the fly's relatively small bunch of brain cells are all the instructions for flight maneuvers. Unlike mammals or birds, the fly doesn't have to learn anything. File Date 06.12.03

Lizards help adhesive design June 2, 2003 Library Journal Inspired by geckos' toes, a new super-sticky tape is so strong that it can stick a person to the ceiling by just one hand. File Date 06.02.03

Icons of Evolution; Unlocking the Mystery of Life; The Scientific Case for Intelligent Design June 2003 Library Journal Unlocking the Mystery of Life is a visually stunning presentation of the incredible complexity of the human cell and its building blocks. File Date 06.02.03

A Functional Pseudogene?: An Open Letter to Nature May 13, 2003 Open Letter to Nature In a letter, rejected by Nature for "lack of space," Michael Behe raises questions about the Darwinian tendency to think of some biological features as functionless. File Date 05.13.03

Intelligent Design, Freedom, and Education May 9, 2003 If the Darwinists had the evidence on their side, they would not be so fearful of what will happen if students learn to distinguish philosophical claims that are made in the name of science from testable theories. File Date 05.13.03

Monkeys and Typewriters May 9, 2003 CBS News & The Guardian Give an infinite number of monkeys an infinite number of typewriters, the theory goes, and they will eventually produce the works of Shakespeare. File Date 05.10.03

Chimps Expose Humanness April 29, 2003 Nature Previously, human and chimp genetic sequences were quoted as being nearly 99% identical, with a difference of only a few DNA's letters. In fact, the similarity may be as low as 94-95%. File Date 05.10.03

Researchers in Japan and UCSD Discover Novel Role For Pseudogenes April 30, 2003 Press Release Scientists in Japan and at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) School of Medicine have discovered a novel regulatory role for one pseudogene. File Date 05.02.03

Unlocking the Mystery of Life on PBS April 27, 2003 Press Release On April 27, 2003 the compelling video documentary Unlocking the Mystery of Life, a 58-minute program exploring what DNA reveals about the origin of life, will be available to to every Public Broadcasting station in the nation. File Date 04.27.03

Feds drop case after professor changes evolution policy April 23, 2003 The Lubbock Avalanche-Journal The Justice Department has closed its case against Texas Tech and a biology professor after he changed his policy for giving recommendations. File Date 04.23.03

Human Genome Is Completed -- Now Comes the Hard Part April 15, 2003 The LA Times Scientists announced the formal completion of the human genome Monday. The next challenge will stretch far into the decades to come: determining the function of all 3 billion DNA letters, and understanding how those letters direct the growth, life, reproduction, disease and death of human beings. File Date 04.23.03

A Chat with Michael Denton: Protein Folds as Platonic Forms April 10, 2003 ISCID Press Release April 15th online chat with biochemist Michael Denton. File Date 04.11.03

Discerning Truth: A Review of The Right Questions February 24, 2003 The Prolific Reporter Phillip Johnson's latest book continues his expose of neo-Darwinism’s continued dominance in academia through presuppositions and a priori commitments to purely naturalistic explanations of life’s beginning, but also serves as a calling for the opening of minds and a return to a public debate that allows for a wide-open and robust discussion of truth, knowledge, and life’s meaning. File Date 04.09.03

Does Science Point to God?: The Intelligent Design Revolution April 07, 2003 Crisis Magazine Intelligent Design may well be the most important intellectual movement to occur in the last 200 years, if not the last half-millennium.. File Date 04.09.03

Evolution critics argue free speech March 27, 2003 The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Two parents told a federal court that Cobb County Schools' defense of its evolution policy against a lawsuit fails to address the rights of their children to receive instruction critical of theories about human origins. File Date 04.01.03

Man versus machine March 20, 2003 Computer Weekly Can a computer ever really think like a human? Ross Bentley reports on the latest battle between a chess legend and his would-be nemesis. File Date 04.01.03

ISU professor says moon holds secrets of early Earth March 14, 2003 The Des Moines Register Researchers at Iowa State University say that the moon can tell us everything we need to know about the solar system. File Date 03.25.03

MUW educator returned to post March 15, 2003 The Clarion-Ledger A Mississippi University for Women educator who believed she was removed as a division head after voicing alternative views on evolution is back at her post. File Date 03.25.03

A Radical Formula for Teaching Science March 18, 2003 Washington Post Textbooks often are collections of facts and vocabulary words -- one, for example, has long lists of such esoteric words as "saprophyte" and "commensalism" -- but Joy Hakim's is a narrative about scientists and their effect on the world.File Date 03.18.03

Professor Dumped Over Evolution Beliefs March 11, 2003 Science A university professor said she was asked to resign for introducing elite students to flaws in Darwinian thought, and she now says academic freedom at her school is just a charade. File Date 03.12.03

Is Evolution a Secular Religion? March 07, 2003 Science We who cherish science should be careful to distinguish when we are doing science and when we are extrapolating from it, particularly when we are teaching our students. File Date 03.10.03

DNA's Double Helix Isn't So Golden Now February 28, 2003 The Wall Street Journal If only more geneticists were Sherlock Holmes fans. They might find in the triumphs of the caped detective a much-needed epiphany. File Date 03.01.03

New plastic coating sheds water February 27, 2003 The Associated Press A team of Turkish materials researchers took the sacred lotus plant as their inspiration in developing the coating. File Date 03.01.03

Not Just Genes: Moving Beyond Nature vs. Nurture February 25, 2003 The New York Times Some biologists think that DNA may be elegant, but it often has been accorded far greater powers than it possesses. File Date 02.26.03

Biologist' New Approach: Do Not Shoot the Radio February 21, 2003 The Wall Street Journal How would a team of biologists fix a radio ? First, they'd secure a large grant to purchase hundreds of identical working radios . After describing and classifying scores of components, they'd shoot the radios with .22s. File Date 02.26.03

Richard Dawkins: You Ask the Questions February 23, 2003 The Independent A revealing question and answer session with Richard Dawkins. File Date 02.23.03

Explaining Evolution: Darwinian Descent or Detectable Design? February 18, 2003 Press Release Symposium on ID and Darwinism featuring William Dembski, Michael Ruse, Eugenie Scott and others. File Date 02.18.03

Still Spinning Just Fine: A Response to Ken Miller February 18, 2003 Dembski replies to Miller's recent critique of irreducible complexity and the bacterial flagella. File Date 02.18.03

Dembski vs. Ruse Exchange on AAAS ID Policy February 2003 Research News & Opportunities in Science & Religion Ruse and Dembski discuss the recent AAAS policy on ID. File Date 02.18.03

The Vexing Eye February 13, 2003 Commentary Berlinski contends that as Nilsson and Pilger's paper on eye evolution gained currency, it amassed content it did not actually possess. File Date 02.13.03

For Astronomers, Big Bang Confirmation February 12, 2003 NY Times The most detailed and precise map yet produced of the universe just after its birth confirms the Big Bang theory in triumphant detail and opens new chapters in the early history of the cosmos. File Date 02.13.03

Tech professor's evolution policy prompts federal inquiry January 30, 2003 Telegraph Online The U.S. Justice Department has opened an inquiry at Texas Tech in response to allegations of religious discrimination by the university and biology Professor Michael Dini. File Date 02.02.03

Is this how life began? January 27, 2003 Telegraph Online Paul Davies notes that the time window for life to have evolved on Earth is embarrassingly short and speculates that life may have come from Mars. File Date 01.28.03

A Chat with Paul Nelson on the Cambrian Explosion January 27, 2003 Press Release Online chat with Paul Nelson titled "Ontogenetic Depth as a Complexity Metric for the Cambrian Explosion". File Date 01.27.03

Universal truths January 23, 2003 The Guardian Although many physicists may wax lyrical about the awesome beauty, majesty and subtlety of the natural world, they nevertheless often deny any point or purpose to the universe. File Date 01.23.03

A four-winged fossil upends accepted science January 23, 2003 The Christian Science Monitor The discovery of a four-winged dinosaur fossil is forcing scientists to challenge widely held theories. File Date 01.23.03

PCID Volume 1.4, October - December 2002 January 23, 2003 Press ReleaseThe latest issue of PCID features essays by William Dembski, Dermott J. Mullan, Granville Sewell, Karl D. Stephan and others... File Date 01.23.03

Stick insect forces evolutionary rethink January 15, 2003 New Scientist The lowly stick insect has forced a rethink of one of the key rules of evolution - that complex anatomical features do not disappear and reappear over the course of time. File Date 01.20.03

Intelligent Design and Creationism Just Aren't the Same January 09, 2003 Research News and Opportunities in Science and Theology Some advocates of Darwinian evolution try to conflate "intelligent design" (ID) with "creationism," sometimes using the term "intelligent design creationism." File Date 01.15.03

Really Popular Science January 04, 2003 The New York Times Rupert Sheldrake I believe that if 1 percent of the money now being distributed for science wentto research that was of real interest to taxpayers, science would become more popular. File Date 01.10.03

Clones and Rael-Politik January 13, 2003The Weekly Standard The announcement is a triumph for the Raelians. It has set an important clock ticking. The Raelians are leading the way toward bio-anarchy by pursuing what Wesley J. Smith calls the "Kevorkian strategy. File Date 01.10.03

Wake Up, Cloning's Day Has Come January 2, 2003Los Angeles Times Michael Shermer argues for a "full-speed-ahead" policy on cloning. File Date 01.10.03

School board approves science guidelines that include evolution December 10, 2002 Associated Press The state school board unanimously approved science standards Tuesday that take a stronger stance on evolution but allow critical analysis of the theory. File Date 12.11.02

Ohio Praised for Historic Decision Requiring Students to Critically Analyze Evolution December 10, 2002 Discovery Institute After months of debate, the Ohio State Board of Education has adopted science standards that require Ohio students to know why "scientists continue to investigate and critically analyze aspects of evolutionary theory." File Date 12.11.02


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