Progress in Complexity, Information and Design January 2003

PCID Volume 1.4, October - December 2002

Press Release

The latest issue of PCID, the journal of ISCID, is now available online featuring essays by William Dembski, Dermott J. Mullan, Granville Sewell, Karl D. Stephan and others. PCID is an online open access journal and is free to the internet public.

Featured Papers

Becoming a Disciplined Science: Prospects, Pitfalls, and Reality Check for ID
by William A. Dembski

Probabilities of randomly assembling a primitive cell on Earth
by Dermott J. Mullan

Evolution and the Second Law of Thermodynamics
by Granville Sewell

What Does Evolutionary Computing Say About Intelligent Design?
by Karl D. Stephan

Evolution's Logic of Credulity: An Unfettered Response to Allen Orr
by William A. Dembski

Symmetry in Evolution
by Phillip L. Engle

Two Kinds of Causality: Philosophical Reflections on Darwin's Black Box
by Jakob Wolf

Some Theoretical and Practical Results in Context-Sensitive and Adaptive Parsing
Quinn Tyler Jackson

Zero Knowledge Protocol for Watermark Verification
Mehta Bhavesh Sunilkumar

Special Feature

Complexity and Self-Organization: A chat with Stuart Kauffman


File Date: 01.23.03