ISCID Summer Workshops

ISCID Summer Workshops

Press Release

The International Society for Complexity, Information, and Design (ISCID) offers intensive summer workshops for bright students to interact with some of the premier researchers in complex systems for several weeks at a time. Researchers include William Dembski, Guillermo Gonzalez, Michael Behe, Jed Macosko and others.

The ISCID Online Summer Workshop will be two weeks long. For the first week, students will be given preparatory reading material. They will read this material and prepare a five to seven page response to one of the suggested articles. These papers will be circulated among fellow participants in the workshop and will also receive feedback from ISCID representatives.

The second week of the ISCID Online Summer Workshop will consist of interactive online sessions with teachers, many of whom are fellows of ISCID. The preliminary reading suggestions in week one will prepare students for the material that will be presented in the interactive sessions in week two. Workshop presenters will present material in a diverse range of disciplines. Students will be given ample time to interact, ask questions, and participate in discussion.

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File Date: 06.20.03