Press Release ISCID April 10, 2003

Protein Folds as Platonic Forms: A Chat with Michael Denton

Press Release

Protein Folds as Platonic Forms
A Chat with Michael Denton
Tuesday, April 15th at 8pm Eastern

Please join ISCID (from the comfort of your own homes) on Tuesday April 15th at 8pm Eastern for a one hour online chat with biochemist Michael Denton. The discussion will center around Denton's most recent publication in the _Journal of Theoretical Biology_ entitled "The Protein Folds as Platonic Forms: New Support for the Pre-Darwinian Conception of Evolution by Natural Law." The chat is free and open to the internet public.

Michael Denton is Senior Research Fellow in the Department of Biochemistry at the University of Otago in New Zealand. His primary research focus is on the molecular genetics of retinitis pigmentosa. Denton is well known for his two influential books Evolution: A theory in Crisis and Nature's Destiny. His most recent work considers whether organic forms (protein, RNA folds, Microtubular forms, tensegrity structures, cells forms, bodyplans) are intrinsic features of nature and essentially the same as chemicals or molecules.

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