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School board approves science guidelines that include evolution December 10, 2002 Associated Press The state school board unanimously approved science standards Tuesday that take a stronger stance on evolution but allow critical analysis of the theory. File Date 12.11.02

Ohio Praised for Historic Decision Requiring Students to Critically Analyze Evolution December 10, 2002 Discovery Institute After months of debate, the Ohio State Board of Education has adopted science standards that require Ohio students to know why "scientists continue to investigate and critically analyze aspects of evolutionary theory." File Date 12.11.02

From the bone of a horse, a new idea for aircraft structures December 2, 2002 University of Florida The horse, a classic model of grace and speed on land, is now an unlikely source of inspiration for more efficient flight. File Date 12.08.02

'Junk DNA' Contains Essential Information December 4, 2002 Washington Post The huge stretches of genetic material dismissed in biology classrooms for generations as "junk DNA" actually contain instructions essential for the growth and survival of people and other organisms. File Date 12.08.02

Intelligent Design Could Offer Fresh Ideas on Evolution December 6, 2002 Seattle Post-Intelligencer There is a growing public debate over how best to teach evolution in America's schools. File Date 12.08.02

NPR Transcript - How evolution is taught in the classroom November 8, 2002 NPR Talk of the Nation / Science Friday Transcript of a conversation about challenges to the way evolution is taught, and whether alternative theories should be considered. File Date 11.17.02

Weird Science? A Darwinian Debate Continues November 11 2002 Christianity Today In Of Moths and Men, Judith Hooper charges that defenders of the peppered myth have "marginalized" and "demonized" scientists who challenge them. Here Kevin Padian and Alan Gishlick obligingly prove her charge beyond a reasonable doubt. File Date 11.17.02

Peppered Myth September/October 2002 Books & Culture Jonathan Wells discusses Judith Hooper's Of Moths and Men: An Evolutionary Tale. File Date 11.17.02

Evidence, not motive, weighs in favor of giving schoolchildren all sides November 11 2002 Columbus Dispatch The leading advocate of intelligent design, Lehigh University biochemist Michael Behe, has marshaled some intriguing evidence: the miniature motors and complex circuits in cells. File Date 11.11.02

Evolution to be part of Ohio state science curriculum October 2002 Associated Press The state school board said Tuesday it will adopt a science curriculum that includes evolution and critical analysis of the theory, a decision that allows individual school districts to still decide whether to teach alternatives such as "intelligent design." File Date 010.15.02

Committee compromises on wording of science guidelines October 15, 2002 Columbus Dispatch In a surprising compromise, an Ohio Board of Education committee yesterday urged adoption of science curriculum guidelines that critics say will promote the teaching of religious views instead of the evolution-only instruction about life on Earth advocated by most scientists. File Date 010.15.02

Panel approves science guidelines October 15, 2002 Cleveland Plain Dealer A State Board of Education committee yesterday approved a set of science standards that struck a delicate balance between teaching evolution and allowing for classroom debate of the theory. File Date 010.15.02

Hillsdale College ID Conference October 2002 Hillsdale College There is a lively debate within the scientific world regarding whether human reason can detect an intelligent design in the natural order. File Date 010.11.02

Georgia School Board OKs Alternatives to Evolution September 27, 2002 A suburban Atlanta school board Thursday night voted unanimously to allow teachers to introduce students to different views about the origins of life. File Date 10.11.02

Challenging Darwin September 19, 2002 Washington Times In the Smithsonian Associates' series "Socrates and His World, the Unsolved Mysteries of Science," Mr. Ehrlich, a professor of physics at George Mason University in Fairfax, is discussing various topics, including Intelligent Design. File Date 09.22.02

28 Georgia Scientists, in Addition to 132 Nation-wide, Call for Academic Freedom on Darwinism September 20, 2002 Discovery Institute Press Releasetwenty-eight Georgia scientists from the University of Georgia, Georgia Institute of Technology, Emory University and other Georgia schools appealed for academic freedom to teach the scientific controversy over Darwinian evolution. File Date 09.22.02

E-Symposium: The Teleological Origin of Biological Information September 16, 2002 ISCID Press Release The aim of this symposium is to assess teleological approaches to the origin of biological information. All the invited participants are committed to such an approach. Even so, this symposium encourages critique of that approach. File Date 09.16.02

Intelligent Design Proponents Seek Spot In Social Studies Class September 10, 2002 The Columbas Dispatch For months, proponents of teaching intelligent design in Ohio classrooms have been told the topic doesn't belong in the science curriculum, but rather in a comparative religion or social studies class. File Date 09.14.02

Keeping up with the science that goes beyond Darwin September 04, 2002 The Indianapolis Star I've never been able to fathom evolution OR the Genesis story of creation, so I am amused by the controversies that still erupt over how schools teach the origin of life on planet Earth. File Date 09.08.02

The War Between Evolution and God’s Intelligent Design September 03, 2002 CBN News Intelligent design is the hottest ticket in biology education these days. I.D., as it is also known, says the world's creatures have incredible complexity, and that this complexity provides evidence of being crafted, not randomly evolved. File Date 09.08.02

"A Nuclear Bomb" For Evolution? August 12, 2002 Christianity Today The discovery of a nearly 7-million-year-old skull has been hailed as "a small nuclear bomb" for evolution, "the most important fossil discovery in living memory," and a "challenge to human origins." File Date 08.20.02

Is physics watching over us? August 13, 2002 Nature Our Universe is so unlikely that we must be missing something. File Date 08.14.02

Skulls Found in Africa and in Europe Challenge Theories of Human Origins August 6, 2002 New York Times Two ancient skulls, one from central Africa and the other from the Black Sea republic of Georgia, have shaken the human family tree to its roots, sending scientists scrambling to see if their favorite theories are among the fallen fruit. File Date 08.13.02

Intelligent Design and Evolution Awareness Conference August 2002 Press Release The Intelligent Design and Evolution Awareness (IDEA) Center are hosting a conference on the creation-evolution issue entitled the "Intelligent Design and Evolution Awareness Conference." File Date 08.11.02

Sheer vs. Real Possibilities: A Response to Allen Orr July 2002 William Dembski responds to H. Allen Orr's review of No Free Lunch which appeared in the Sumer 2002 issue of the Boston Review. File Date 08.08.02

Review of NFL by H. Allen Orr Summer 2002 Boston Review To appreciate the magnitude of Dembski's claims in No Free Lunch you need to appreciate the relative modesty of Darwin's claims in the Origin of Species. File Date 07.25.02

Life's Grand Design: A New Breed of Anti-Evolutionists Credits It to an Unnamed Intelligence July 29 U.S. News & World Report These new anti-evolutionists say life's mechanisms—like the flagellum, a propellerlike appendage powered by a complex rotary engine that's found in some of Earth's simplest life forms—are too improbably perfect to have formed by chancy Darwinian evolution alone. File Date 07.15.02

Darwin, Design & Democracy III July 15 Press Release Announcing the premier conference on the debate between evolution and design. File Date 07.15.02

Sparks Fly Over Intelligent Design July 8 Research News & Opportunities This month’s Readers’ Forum features an interesting cross section of thinkers speaking their minds on the topic of intelligent design. File Date 07.08.02

Are We Spiritual Machines?: Ray Kurzweil vs. the Critics of Strong A.I. June 18 Press Release Computers are becoming more powerful at an accelerating rate, but will they ever become conscious? File Date 06.17.02

Critics Rave Over Icons of Evolution: A Response to Published Reviews June 12 The Discovery Institute Jonathan Wells discusses the "rave" reviews he has received from many of his critics. File Date 06.17.02

Darwin would love this debate June 11 The Seattle Times Is there scientific evidence challenging Darwinian evolution? Is there evidence pointing to intelligent design? If so, should public school science students learn about such evidence? File Date 06.11.02

20 Changes emphasize evolution as theory June 11 The Columbus Dispatch A subcommittee of the State Board of Education may be backing down from grade-by-grade science standards mandating that students be taught that Darwin's theory of evolution explains the development of life on Earth. File Date 06.11.02

Missing Link June 11 Cleveland Plain Dealer A large majority of Ohioans believe the state's public schools should teach both evolution and a new explanation of the development of life known as intelligent design. File Date 06.10.02

One school stands tall on expanding view of evolution June 09 Cincinnati Enquirer As state education officials debate whether evolution should be the only concept about life that students learn, at least one school district has taken a stand on the issue — in favor of other ideas. File Date 06.10.02

Stephen Jay Gould, 1942-2002: In Memoriam May 29 Discovery Institute Stephen Jay Gould was the most important paleontologist of his generation, the impact of his life best measured by the wide-spread sense of loss occasioned by his death. File Date 06.10.02

Amid the Universe's Chaos, a Few Habitable Places May 28 It took 4.5 billion years for Earth to generate and evolve a life form that could think, reason, and finally fly off the planet. That's a long time, even by cosmic measures. Perhaps too long. File Date 06.10.02

Stephen Jay Gould, Evolution Theorist, Dies at 60 May 21 New York Times Stephen Jay Gould, the evolutionary theorist at Harvard University whose research, lectures and prolific output of essays helped to reinvigorate the field of paleontology, died yesterday at his home in Manhattan. He was 60. File Date 05.27.02

Parasite or partner? Study suggests new role for junk DNA May 14 Press Release Junk DNA is the Rodney Dangerfield of the genetics world. It makes up nearly half of all human DNA, but many scientists dismiss it as useless gibberish. A new study published online today from the June 2002 issue of Nature Genetics, however, suggests that segments of junk DNA called LINE-1 elements deserve more respect. File Date 05.14.02

Ohians Don't Want Evolution Only May 10 Columbus Dispatch As the State Board of Education debates what students should be taught about the development of life on Earth, a poll released yesterday shows nearly two-thirds of Ohioans support instruction about both Darwin's theory of evolution and any scientific evidence against it. File Date 05.14.02

Teaching of theories other than evolution urged at hearing May 09 Associated Press Nebraska school children ought to be taught theories other than evolution, including one that believes extraterrestrials may have designed life on Earth, speakers said at a Thursday hearing. File Date 05.10.02

Advocates of Intelligent Design, Scientific Method Square Off April 24 Cleveland Plain DealerTwo renowned evolutionists and two backers of a competing concept called intelligent design battled it out at the American Museum of Natural History in one of the most significant national debates on the subject since the fabled Scopes "monkey trial" 77 years ago. File Date 04.27.02

Intelligent Design's Public Defender April 21 San Francisco Chronicle 61-year-old Phillip Johnson is working full time to convince the world that an intelligent force -- not evolution -- is responsible for all forms of life on Earth.File Date 04.27.02

Shooting for the moon - Lunar surface may hold evidence that asteroids crashed into Earth April 22 San Francisco Chronicle article by Keay Davidson, featuring interviews with Guillermo Gonzalez. Clues to Earth's earliest days and first microbial inhabitants may survive in an unexpected place: the moon. Scientists have long debated what happened on the primordial Earth almost 4 billion years ago and theorize the moon may hold the answers. File Date: 4.23.02

Questions and Answers About the Discovery Institute's Bibliography April 15 Discovery Institute The National Center for Science Education (NCSE) recently accused the Discovery Institute of providing the Ohio Board of Education with a “misleading” bibliography. The Discovery Institute issues a response File Date 04.17.02

Moth-eaten Statistics: A Reply to Kenneth R. Miller April 16 Discovery Institute Jonathan Wells takes Kenneith R. Miller of Brown University to task for his unscrupulous use of statistics. File Date 04.17.02

There You Go Again, Ken . . . A Response to Kenneth R. Miller April 09 Discovery Institute The believers in Darwinian evolution who currently dominate our educational establishment think that all students--even those headed for careers in auto mechanics or real estate--should believe, as they do, that all of us are descended from ape-like creatures through genetic accidents and survival of the fittest. File Date 04.15.02

Bibliography of Supplementary Resources For Ohio Science Instruction March 11 Discovery Institute On Monday, 11 March 2002, Stephen Meyer and Jonathan Wells of the Discovery Institute submitted the following Bibliography of Supplementary Resources to the Ohio State Board of Education. File Date 04.07.02

Ohio emerges as next battleground for schools' evolution debate April 2 KC Star John Calvert believes he came too late to the dispute over Kansas science standards. The conflict had become creationism versus evolution with little room for a third alternative. File Date 04.07.02

Design vs. Darwin April 1 ABC News Seventy-seven years after the John Scopes "Monkey" trial and three years after the state of Kansas voted to exclude evolution from its science standards, a theory known as Intelligent Design is clamoring for recognition in Ohio. File Date 04.03.02

Fifty-two Ohio Scientists Call for Academic Freedom on Darwin’s Theory March 21 Press Release Fifty-two Ohio scientists have issued a statement supporting academic freedom to teach the scientific arguments for and against Darwin’s theory of evolution. File Date 03.25.02

Edward Kennedy - Expert on Science? March 21 Press Release Kennedy is no scientist or philosopher of science, so presumably he has spoken to the experts, who assure him that intelligent design is not science. Indeed, Kennedy himself offers no argument for why intelligent design fails to be a scientific theory. File Date 03.21.02

Evolution is designed for science classes March 21 Washington Times The March 14 Commentary piece, "Illiberal education in Ohio schools," written by my colleague Sen. Rick Santorum, Pennsylvania Republican, erroneously suggested that I support the teaching of "intelligent design" as an alternative to biological evolution. File Date 03.21.02

Illiberal Education in Ohio Schools March 14 Washington Times "I hate your opinions, but I would die to defend your right to express them." This famous quote by the 18th-century philosopher Voltaire applies to the debate currently raging in Ohio. File Date 03.21.02

Ohio School Board Debates Teaching 'Intelligent Design' March 14 Washington Post Stakes were high Monday at a meeting of an Ohio Board of Education panel. Up for discussion: whether high school biology students should be told about potential problems with Darwinism and evidence that life on Earth was planned. File Date 03.17.02

Ohio Board Hears Debate on an Alternative to Darwinism March 12 New York Times Proponents of the intelligent-design movement, which challenges Darwin's primacy in the science classroom, argued for equal footing in the state's new teaching curriculum today, while critics warned that speculative theories of some ultimate agent underpinning evolution were the antithesis of true science. File Date 03.11.02

Hundreds gather for evolution-'intelligent design' discussion March 11 Nandotimes Supporters of evolution and those who believe life must have been designed by a higher power due to its complexity faced off Monday before the state school board as it struggles to come up with new science standards. File Date 03.11.02

Darwinian Struggle March 11 Time Magazine In Ohio, some members of the state school board want to downgrade the theory of natural selection in the biology curriculum guidelines. If their effort succeeds, Darwin's theory would have to share the blackboard with a school of thought called "intelligent design theory.". File Date 03.07.02

The Origin of the Human Species February 24 Cleveland Plain Dealer In Ohio, the venerable theory of evolution could face one of its toughest challenges yet: Having to share equal billing in the classroom with an upstart alternative that has popular and political appeal. File Date 03.03.02

Understanding the Concepts February 24 Cleveland Plain Dealer Until recently, attempts to define how life came to be have relied on either a scientific or religious explanation. File Date 03.03.02

The Path To A Folded Protein, Long A Subject Of Debate, Appears In Many Cases To Be Long And Winding February 27 ScienceDaily Magazine Does the folding of proteins into biologically active shapes better resemble a luge run – fast, linear and predictable – or the more freeform trajectories of a ski slope? File Date 02.28.02

Deconstructing Darwin February 24 DigitalMissourian A new theory of evolution challenges conventional thought. File Date 02.25.02

Darwin or Design? February 20 Christian Science Monitor One of America's longest-running dramas is being revived in Ohio. There, the state school board is wrestling with whether to give the theory of evolution sole billing in its revised science curriculum, or to make room for an alternative theory called "intelligent design." . File Date 02.19.02

In Ohio School Hearing, a New Theory Will Seek a Place Alongside Evolution February 11, New York Times The latest challenge to evolution's primacy in the nation's classrooms — the theory of intelligent design, not the old foe creationism — will get a full- scale hearing next month before Ohio Board of Education members, who are in a heated debate over whether established science censors other views about the origins of life. File Date 02.11.02

Evolution vs. intelligent design: Experts to Weigh in on Science Standards February 5, Columbus Dispatch Scientists from throughout the nation are being summoned to help the Ohio Board of Education decide whether students should be taught that life on Earth is the result of evolution or intelligent design. File Date 02.06.02

Roll call: Study shows how bacteria signal a quorum February 3, Eureka Alert Scientists have identified a molecule that allows bacteria to send signals between species, a discovery that may eventually lead to new drugs designed to disrupt bacterial communication. File Date 02.05.02

Is human evolution finally over? February 3, Guardian Observer For those who dream of a better life, science has bad news: this is the best it is going to get. Our species has reached its biological pinnacle and is no longer capable of changing. File Date 02.05.02

The Gradual Illumination of the Mind & Shermer's Cozy Delusion February, Scientific American Shermer argues that "to counter the nefarious influence of the ID creationists, we need to employ a proactive strategy of science education and evolution explanation. It is not enough to argue that creationism is wrong; we must also show that evolution is right." Dembski replies by asking Shermer to start engaging "the issues instead of continually sidestepping them." File Date 01.25.02

Darwinism Under Attack January 22 The Chronicles of Higher EducationFor the vast majority of scientists, evolution through natural means is as much a fact as the earth's revolution around the sun. Yet a small but vocal number of biologists, chemists, philosophers, and mathematicians are determined to change that view. They believe that an intelligent agent -- most rigorously avoid the word "God" -- has guided the earth's history, and that scientific research can prove its existence. File Date 01.25.02

Hawking's Breakthrough Is Still an Enigma January 22 New York Times In the fall of 1973 Dr. Stephen W. Hawking, who has spent his entire professional career at the University of Cambridge, found himself ensnared in a horrendous and embarrassing calculation. Attempting to investigate the microscopic properties of black holes, the gravitational traps from which not even light can escape, Dr. Hawking discovered to his disbelief that they could leak energy and particles into space, and even explode in a fountain of high-energy sparks. File Date 01.23.02

In Experiment, Mammal Cells Produce Silk Like a Spider's January 18 New York Times In an experiment that could lead to mass production of strong, lightweight silk, scientists at a Canadian biotechnology company and a United States Army research center have spliced spider genes into cells from cows and hamsters and induced the cells to churn out silk. The silk, grown in tissue cultures, has been spun into threads that are comparable to those produced by spiders. File Date 01.23.02

Congress Urges Teaching of Diverse Views on Evolution, but Darwinists Try to Deny It January 09 Discovery Institute After the U.S. Congress adopted a statement in December calling for students to be exposed to a diversity of views when topics "such as biological evolution" are taught, a pro-Darwin group is absurdly trying to claim victory through a creative reinterpretation of the legislative record. File Date 01.011.02

How STILL Not To Debate Design January 09 Press Release Robert Pennock has just published _Intelligent Design Creationists and Their Critics_ with MIT Press. It includes two essays by me. In a press release dated yesterday, I claimed that Pennock never contacted me about their inclusion. Pennock now claims that he did. He said. She said. Who's right? File Date 01.09.02

Dembski Attacks Pennock January 07 Intelligent design has many critics. Some play hard and fair. Robert Pennock is not one of them. File Date 01.08.02

Protein Discovery Tied To DNA Master Switch December 21 A new cellular protein discovered by scientists at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill appears to be a crucial molecular component of a master switch that turns genes on and off. File Date 01.08.02

Strange Object Found, Defying Ideas of Solar System Formation January 7 Solar system creation theorists got more to chew on Monday when astronomers announced the discovery a huge object called a brown dwarf orbiting a star nearly as closely as Saturn is to our Sun. File Date 01.08.02

Architecture of a Cell Membrane Water Channel December 18 Berkley Lab Research News The structure of one of the basic members of the cell-membrane water-channel family, a protein called aquaporin 1 (AQP1), has been determined to a resolution of 2.2 angstroms -- 22 hundred-billionths of a meter. The structure reveals the elegantly simple means by which AQP1 can transport water through the cell membrane at a high rate while effectively blocking everything else -- even individual protons, the nuclei of hydrogen atoms. File Date 01.08.02

Boneless, Brainy, and Ancient November 26 Eureka Alert! How to make a robotic arm that is able to flex in an infinite number of ways and order it to do so without disorder and confusion? Get yourself an octopus and study it. That is exactly what researchers funded by the Office of Naval Research are doing. File Date 01.08.02

Engineers Ask Nature for Design Advice December 11 New York Times The lotus effect is an example of biomimicry, an engineering approach that has been gaining momentum in recent years as manufacturers look to nature to solve some engineering problems. File Date 12.12.01

Physicists: No sign of 'God particle' December 4 CNN Sci-Tech After years of searching and months of sifting through data, scientists have still not found the elusive subatomic particle that could help to unravel the secrets of the universe, a science magazine reported Wednesday. File Date 12.10.01

Challenging Particle Physics as Path to Truth December 4 New York Times In science's great chain of being, the particle physicists place themselves with the angels, looking down from the heavenly spheres on the chemists, biologists, geologists, meteorologists — those who are applying, not discovering, nature's most fundamental laws. Everything, after all, is made from subatomic particles. Once you have a concise theory explaining how they work, the rest should just be filigree. File Date 12.10.01

African Artifacts Suggest an Earlier Modern Human December 2 New York Times Until now, modern human behavior was widely assumed to have been a very late and abrupt development that seemed to have originated in a kind of "creative explosion" in Europe.. File Date 12.04.01

Launch of ISCID: The International Society for Complexity, Information, and Design December 05 Press Release ISCID provides a forum for formulating, testing, and disseminating research on complex systems through critique, peer review, and publication. Its aim is to pursue the theoretical development, empirical application, and philosophical implications of information- and design-theoretic concepts for complex systems.. File Date 12.05.01


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