ISCID Press Release September 2002

The Teleological Origin of Biological Information

Press Release

E-Symposium: The Teleological Origin of Biological Information

Thursday October 10th

7:00 PM - Michael Behe
9:00 PM - William Dembski

Friday October 11th

7:00 PM - Jed Macosko
9:00 PM - George Hunter

Saturday October 12th

7:00 PM - Guillermo Gonzalez and Jay Richards
9:00 PM - Robert Koons

Is the origin of biological information even a problem for biology? And if so, is it an important problem? Some scientists think that the origin of information is indeed the most important problem confronting biology. Others think that information is an inappropriate metaphor that has no business in biology. Still others think that information as such is important to biology but also that it is not a problem for biology, having been successfully explained by various naturalistic mechanisms (like random variation and natural selection). Of those scientists that think the origin of biological information is an important unresolved problem in biology, some take a teleological approach (e.g., intelligent design or immanent teleology).

The aim of this symposium is to assess teleological approaches to the origin of biological information. All the invited participants are committed to such an approach. Even so, this symposium encourages critique of that approach.

Register for the online e-symposium

$25 before October 1st
$35 beginning October 1st

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