Hillsdale College

Hillsdale College ID Conference

Hillsdale College Center for Constructive Alternatives

The Intelligent Design Debate

November 10-13, 2002

There is a lively debate within the scientific world regarding whether human reason can detect an intelligent design in the natural order. This debate is separate from the older "creation vs. evolution" debate, since creation, being a miracle, falls outside of nature and thus of what human reason can detect. It does, however, overlap somewhat the question of whether Darwinism is a theory or a proven fact.

This second CCA of the 2002-2003 academic year will gather leading proponents of both sides of the debate over "intelligent design."

Sunday, November 10

4:00 PM “Four Questions in the Intelligent Design Debate”
Larry Arnhart
Northern Illinois University

8:00 PM “The Problem with Intelligent Design”
Michael Ruse
Florida State University

Monday, November 11

4:00 PM “What Does Physics Say About ID?”
Mano Singham
Case Western Reserve University

8:00 PM “Too Complex for Darwin: A Biochemical Analysis”
Michael Behe
Lehigh University

Tuesday, November 12

4:00 PM “The Case for Evolution”
Niles Eldredge
American Museum of Natural History

8:00 PM “Darwin's Underwhelming Evidence”
Jonathan Wells
Discovery Institute

Wednesday, November 13

4:00 PM “The Mathematical Proof of Complexity”
William Dembski
Baylor University

8:00 PM Hillsdale College Faculty Roundtable


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