Discovery Institute April 15, 2002

Questions and Answers About the Discovery Institute's Bibliography of Supplementary Resources for Ohio Science Instruction

Discovery Institute

The National Center for Science Education (NCSE) recently accused the Discovery Institute of providing the Ohio Board of Education with a “misleading” bibliography that (1) “misrepresents the significance of the publications,” is (2) “inaccurate and tendentious,” and (3) “fails to provide any principled basis for the selection of the publications.” These charges are not only groundless, but severely distort the public record. The Supplementary Bibliography accurately describes the content of the articles it cites, as a careful reading of the articles themselves will demonstrate. Furthermore, the Bibliography accurately highlights the very points and arguments stressed by the authors themselves, as stated plainly in their abstracts, opening paragraphs, or conclusions. Every case of misrepresentation claimed by the NCSE dissolves entirely on close inspection.

We have organized our reply to the NCSE accusations into a series of questions and answers. Full documentation is provided in the Appendix.

Read the entire response by clicking here.

File Date: 04.17.02