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Fine-Tuning for Life Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Physicists propose new theories of black holes from the very early universe Science Daily
Another Complex Cambrian Critter ICR
A third of UK adults question evolution. Does that matter? New Scientist
Quantum Theory Rebuilt From Simple Physical Principles Quanta Magazine
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Plot a course through the genome Nature
New light shed on photosynthesis Science Daily
The Role of DNA Base Modifications The Scientist
Was the primordial soup a hearty pre-protein stew? Science Daily
Darwin vs. Embryos  
Doubts raised about gene-editing study in human embryos Nature
Functional Constraints on Replacing an Essential Gene with Its Ancient and Modern Homologs mBio
The evolution of filter feeding in plesiosaurs of the Austral Late Cretaceous - convergent evolution Science Daily
Darwin and the Tree of Life: the roots of the evolutionary tree Edinburgh University Press
Paleoanthropology: The Science of Being Always Wrong Creation-Evolution Headlines
Controversial footprints suggest we evolved in Europe not Africa New Scientist
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Breath-giving cooperation: critical review of origin of mitochondria hypotheses Biology Direct
Ultraviolet Light Could Point the Way To Life Throughout the Universe Universe Today
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About those Trachilos tracks Todd C. Wood
Intelligent Design endangers education Science
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Weird fish fossil changes the story of how we moved onto land New Scientist
Lifting the veil from Neanderthal technology Cosmos Magazine
The Problem with the Mutation-Centric View of Cancer Nautilus
The Grand Design: Is God Unnecessary? Dr. Michael G. Strauss
Molecular machines open cell membranes (James Tour et al) Nature
11-part review of Carroll's "The Big Picture" John Hartnett
A. N. Wilson dismantles Darwin The London Times
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Recalling the First Eugenics Law, John West Reviews the Tragic History of a Pseudoscience Evolution News
The Human Brain Is 'Beyond Belief' ICR
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New source for brain's development discovered Science Daily
Apes' abilities misunderstood by decades of poor science Science Daily
Theistic Evolution and Its Christological Contradiction Answers in Genesis
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Beyond the Modern Evolutionary Synthesis - What have we missed? MDPI Biology
Darwinian Evolution: A Pseudo-Science based on Unrestrained Imagination and Bad Liberal Theology  
Keller, Moore, and Duncan on the Non-Negotiable Beliefs About Creation The Gospel Coalition
Scientists map genomic atlas of your inner fish gut: Genetics of digestion little-changed in 420 million years Science Daily
There's cosmology and then there's real science!
What lit up the universe? Black holes may have punctured darkened galaxies, allowing light to escape Science Daily
Black hole models contradicted by hands-on tests Science Daily
Was the Origin of Life a Fluke? Or Was It Physics? Live Science
Cassini hints at young age for Saturn's rings BBC
Polarization for controversial scientific issues increases w/more education
Follow the money . . . from the Templeton Foundation
Sense of smell is key factor in bird navigation Science Daily
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Did Heavy Elements Come from Supernovas? ICR
Lunar Water Douses Collision Origin ICR
Breakthrough in understanding mitochondria Science Daily
Book Review of Almost Human, the Astonishing Tale of Homo naledi and the Discovery that Changed our Human Story Answers in Genesis
The Ever-Evolving Human Evolution Story ICR
Controversial Footprint Suggests Early Humans Roamed Crete 6 Million Years Ago The Conversation
Fossil footprints challenge established theories of human evolution Science Daily
Reconstructing life at its beginning, cell by cell Science Daily
A new estimate of biodiversity on Earth Science Daily
Biological Action in Read/Write Genome Evolution NIH
Engineered Adaptability: Adaptability via Nature or Design? What Evolutionists Say ICR
Canonical mRNA is the exception, rather than the rule Genome Biology
Hartnett's review of "Setting Aside All Authority" by Christopher M. Graney Bible-Science Forum
More non-treelike data forced into trees: a glimpse into the dinosaurs Phylonetworks
The Case for Cosmic Pantheism Nautilus
Supernova's messy birth casts doubt on reliability of astronomical yardstick Nature
Do 'Simple' Eyes Reflect Evolution? ICR
Beating the Odds for Lucky Mutations Quanta Magazine
Problems with DNA replication can cause epigenetic changes that may be inherited for several generations Science Daily
Finding Adam in the Genome: A BioLogos cover-up? Part 14 of a Response to "Adam and the Genome" Answers in Genesis
Morality: Objective and Real or Subjective and Illusory?  
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The algae that terraformed Earth BBC
Mystery of how first animals appeared on Earth solved Science Daily
Rolling the Dice Twice: Evolving Reconstructed Ancient Proteins in Extant Organisms University Press Scholarship
Change in protein production essential to muscle function Science Daily
Seven complete specimens of new flower, all 100 million years old Science Daily
Does Science Really Say There's No Purpose to Life? Psychology Today
The Universe Doesn't Care About Your 'Purpose' NY Times
Atheists thought immoral, even by fellow atheists: study AFP
Natural Selection and an Epistemology of Evil: An Incompatible Pair themelios
Atheists Still Waiting for the Origin-of-Life Messiah The Algemeiner
On Origin of Life, Synthetic Chemist James Tour Delivers Chastisement to Jeremy England Evolution News
Evolution Confirmed? The Philosophy of Naturalism Evolution News
Science and Religion: Conflict or Consonance? Big Questions Online
A rapprochement between science and religion? Religion News
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Can We Talk? Tom Wolfe's The Kingdom of Speech National Association of Scholars
Some still attack Darwin and evolution - How can science fight back? The Guardian
Are Dark Energy and Dark Matter Different Aspects of the Same Physical Process? PhiSci Archive
Backward eye colour optimization
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Humanity - Chemical Scum or Made in the Image of God?  
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Mutation rates in humans
Diversity: Maybe Google’s worst fears will come true Uncommon Descent
Pinpoint Navigation and Propulsion in a Seemingly Random Soup Creation-Evolution Headlines
Paper challenges the claim that the genus Homo originated in response to environmental changes Science Daily
Possible explanation for the dominance of matter over antimatter in the Universe Science Daily
Flagellar apparatus structure of choanoflagellates BioMed Central
Response to Finding Adam in the Genome - Part 13 - alleged vitellogenin remnants in humans Answers in Genesis
Cultural Evolution Theory: Darwin Fail on Arrival Creation-Evolution Headlines
Amazing 13-Million-Year-Old Ape Skull Discovered National Geographic
A New Miocene Ape Todd C. Wood
Ancient skull belonged to a cousin of the ape common ancestor New Scientist
Pigliucci on the different ways of doing theory in biology Footnotes to Plato
This Enzyme Enabled Life To Conquer A Hostile Earth Astrobio
New look at archaic DNA rewrites human evolution story Science Daily
Todd Wood's review - Searching for Adam: Genesis and the Truth about Man's Origin themelios
Origins of DNA folding suggested in archaea Science Daily
Black holes pervade the universe, celestial census indicates Science Daily
New theory on the origin of dark matter Science Daily
Approaches to Macroevolution: 1. General Concepts and Origin of Variation Evol Biol
Padian's review of Losos's Improbable Destinies: Fate, Chance, and the Future of Evolution Nature
New work offers fresh evidence supporting the supernova shock wave theory of our Solar System's origin Science Daily
What Made the Moon? New Ideas Try to Rescue a Troubled Theory Quanta Magazine
Causality in the Quantum World APS Journals
Mutation predicts 40 million years of fly wing evolution Science Daily
What the ctenophore says about the evolution of intelligence Aeon
Don’t Believe in God? Maybe You’ll Try U.F.O.s NY Times
Where is everybody? The implications of cosmic silence Science Daily
Fossil Plants Contain Original Molecules ICR
Evolutionary computation: the next major transition of artificial intelligence? BioMed Central
First winged mammals from the Jurassic period discovered: 160-million-year-old fossils Science Daily
Evolution of fan worm eyes Science Daily
Cosmic inflation theory loses hangups about scientific method Evolution News
Did the first flower look like this? BBC
Hacking computers with DNA University of Washington
Changing paradigms in stratigraphy
Oldest Gliding Mammals Shed Light on the History of Flight Discover Magazine
First In Vivo Function Found for Animal Circular RNA The Scientist
Baby fish exercising, a surprising source of adaptive variation in fish jaws: Evolutionary biologists identify non-genetic source of species variability Science Daily
Well-preserved dinosaur with fully armored skin Science Daily
How to teach evolution when students hold creationist views Genetic Literacy Project
How to slam dunk creationists when it comes to the theory of evolution The Conversation