NEW ARTICLES - JANUARY 2018 Updated: January 19, 2018
Jerry Fodor on understanding evolution as a historical narrative, and why Darwinism is wrong Uncommon Descent
Earth resides in oddball solar system, alien worlds show Space
Some exoplanets orbiting red giant stars may just be a mirage New Scientist
Convergence: Fish develop a variety of strategies in order to eat other fishes’ scales Uncommon Descent
Evolutionary remnants as widely accessible evidence for evolution Darwin's God Blogspot
Evolution unleashed: Is evolutionary science due for a major overhaul – or is talk of ‘revolution’ misguided? Aeon
At Aeon: Damage control attempted re the current evolution upheavals Uncommon Descent
Allmon and Ross Demolish Evolution Uncommon Descent
Much of Dennis Venema's Adam and the Genome Isn't About Adam and the Genome Evolution News
Adam and the Genome and Whale Fossils Evolution News
Higher Education Is Drowning in BS Chronicle of Higher Education
Descartes Got it Wrong and that Leads to A-Mat Absurdity Uncommon Descent
The futility of relativism, subjectivism and emotivism as ethical stances Uncommon Descent
Seeing the Glory of God in Scallop Eyes Answers in Genesis
'Dark matter' DNA influences brain development Nature
How flowering plants conquered the world BBC
New hypothesis as to why flowering plants predominate Uncommon Descent
Berra's Blunder in Molecular Motors Evolution News
Darwinism vs. mathematics in a post-modern world Uncommon Descent
12 Ideas You Must Embrace to Affirm Theistic Evolution Crossway
'RNA World' Paper Retracted ICR
Structures of ß-klotho reveal a 'zip code'-like mechanism for endocrine FGF signaling Nature
Higher ed is drowning and we weren’t the only people to notice Uncommon Descent
Key player in cell metabolism identified Science Daily
Father of neo-Darwinism Ronald Fisher (Fisher’s theorem) critiqued at his own memorial? Uncommon Descent
The Montmaurin-La Niche mandible reveals the complexity of the Neanderthals' origin Science Daily
“Confounding”: Moths and butterflies predate flowering plants by millions of years Uncommon Descent
Scientists zoom in to watch DNA code being read Science Daily
Trio of dead stars upholds Einstein’s gravity Uncommon Descent
Chemical evolution: Progenitors of the living world Science Daily
Redefining life to make the search for the origin of life easier? Uncommon Descent
Novel hypothesis on why animals diversified on Earth Lund University
A centuries-old math equation used to solve a modern-day genetics challenge Science Daily
Confusion over moon origins
Lack of a Grand Unified Theory (GUT) leaves physicists frustrated Uncommon Descent
The Y chromosome is disappearing - so what will happen to men? The Conversation
NASA's been ordered to search for life in space. They should start with viruses. Slate
Tabby’s Star — on the “extraordinary evidence” claim Uncommon Descent
Windows Into the Brain's Operating System Creation-Evolution Headlines
Evidence of Fountains of the Great Deep? ICR
Neanderthals have changed a lot in the last few decades. Maybe they didn’t even necessarily look the way we think. Uncommon Descent
Darwinian Explanations Are Religious Creation-Evolution Headlines
Cross-species gene regulation observed for the first time Uncommon Descent
World's oldest known oxygen oasis discovered Science Daily
Meteorites Brought Water To Earth During the First Two Million Years Astrobiology Magazine
Structural basis of RNA polymerase III transcription initiation Nature
Experimental physicist Rob Sheldon on the recent merely “plausible” origin of life find Uncommon Descent
'Serious gap' in cosmic expansion rate hints at new physics BBC
Cell Repair Majors on Majors Creation-Evolution Headlines
How bacteria turbocharged their motors
'Of Pandas and People': A Brief History of the Original Intelligent Design Textbook RealClear Science
Basic Logic: are we behind where we were 2,000 years ago? Uncommon Descent
Father of Neo-Darwinism Condemned with Faint Praise Creation-Evolution Headlines
How did we evolve to live longer? Science Daily
Solving Darwin's 'abominable mystery': How flowering plants conquered the world Science Daily
With ‘Downsized’ DNA, Flowering Plants Took Over the World Quanta Magazine
Evolution acceptance in children linked to aptitude, not belief Science Daily
Would Moral Subjectivists Agree to Math and Logic Subjectivism? Uncommon Descent
Is Technology a new religion? (And if so, what is happening at Temple Google?) Uncommon Descent
Airspacemag: Cool it with the space alien speculations. But what about using a design inference? Uncommon Descent
Should NASA look for viruses in space? Uncommon Descent
Evolutionary informatics has come a long way since a Baylor dean tried to shut down the lab Uncommon Descent
Why do atheists deny objective morality? Uncommon Descent
Genome size and brain cell density in birds NRC Research Press
Surprise: A virus-like protein is important for cognition and memory MedicalXpress
Is This Gorilla Mother Consciously Protecting Her Baby From Infanticide? NPR
Animal minds: Australian birds that use fire as a tool Uncommon Descent
Genetic 'switches' behind human brain evolution Science Daily
This Worm Evolved Self-Fertilization and Lost a Quarter of Its DNA NY Times
Devolution: Worm gives up sexual reproduction, loses 7000 genes Uncommon Descent
Why an Old Theory of Everything Is Gaining New Life Quanta Magazine
Dusting off a 1970s Theory of Everything could be bad news for supersymmetry Uncommon Descent
Another RNA World 'Missing Link' Experiment Misses the Point Creation-Evolution Headlines
On Protein Design, Don't Be Fooled by Biochemist David Baker's Claim Evolution News
What species is most fit for life? All have an equal chance, scientists say Science Daily
Another 'Twist' on the Origin of Species Answers in Genesis
On subjectivity vs objectivity of moral principles and the importance of self-evidently true moral principles Uncommon Descent
Armadillo, hedgehog and rabbit genes reveal how pregnancy evolved Nature
At RealClearScience: Failed psychological theories go through six stages Uncommon Descent
Steve Benner: Origin of life field beset by shortage of ideas, science by overflow of consensus Uncommon Descent
Origin of Lepidoptera pushed earlier in time ScienceAdvances
Meet the butterflies from 200 million years ago BBC
Moths and butterflies existed during Jurassic era, millions of years before flowering plants Science Daily
Ingredients for Life Revealed in Meteorites That Fell to Earth Berkeley Lab
Ingredients for life revealed in meteorites that fell to Earth Science Daily
Google Doodle honors biochemist who "deciphered DNA" Vox
Extra-terrestrial Hypatia stone rattles solar system status quo Science Daily
Can an Evolutionist Be a Creationist? Answers in Genesis
Dispelling the myth that most people didn't live much past 40 prior to modern medicine Science Daily
Chemists discover plausible recipe for early life on Earth Scripps
New recipe for early life on Earth is marketed as merely “plausible”? Uncommon Descent
Pond Scum Explains Evolution Of First Animals Astrobiology Magazine
Science buffs, take heed: “Rigor is in many ways the enemy of design.” Uncommon Descent
New Nancy Pearcey book: Does naturalism drive the scandals in tech culture? Uncommon Descent
The Riot and the Dance coming to theaters in March Fathom Events
Philosopher James Stroud on what is wrong with naturalism Uncommon Descent
Multiple origins of interdependent endosymbiotic complexes in a genus of cicadas Science Daily
Animals Don't Respect Darwin Creation-Evolution Headlines
New Nancy Pearcey book: Does naturalism drive the scandals in tech culture? Uncommon Descent
The origin of 'us': what we know so far about where we humans come from The Conversation
Fisher’s proof of Darwinism flipped: William Basener replies to Erasmus Wiffball Uncommon Descent
Theoretical physicist has a hard time convincing peers to accept reality Uncommon Descent
The Six Stages of a Failed Psychological Theory Real Clear Science
CSICOP’s ridiculously out-of-date questions and answers on evolution show how far naturalism has fallen Uncommon Descent
The core of Christian ethics (for those inclined to put God in the dock) Uncommon Descent
Will Lawyers Destroy Science? American Council on Science and Health
On Basener and Sanford’s paper falsifying Fisher’s Darwinism theorem: It will be no small thing to make reality matter again Uncommon Descent
Newton Understood that Nature Manifests Design of the Highest Order Evolution News
Celebrating Over 60,000 Generations of Creation Science by an Evolutionist Answers in Genesis
Peer-Reviewed Science: A "Mathematical Proof of Darwinian Evolution" Is Falsified Evolution News
Sometimes I believe in string theory. Then I wake up. Backreaction
An 'astonishing' overabundance of massive stars in a neighbouring galaxy Science Daily
Worm species lost 7, 000 genes after evolving to fertilize itself Science Daily
Parallel Saltational Evolution of Ultrafast Movements in Snapping Shrimp Claws Science Daily
H.G. Wells vs George Orwell: Can science save us? Uncommon Descent
New Book Critiques Fossil Human Ancestors Creation-Evolution Headlines
Visualize Darwin Before Looking at Data Creation-Evolution Headlines
How do we know that the rock structures in Arabia are evidence of design? Uncommon Descent
Black-hole-regulated star formation in massive galaxies Nature
RNA networks at the origins of life Biochemist
Life without water Biochemist
Is Reproducibility Really Central to Science? Discover Magazine
Can quantum physics teach us about divine providence? Uncommon Descent
Some Proteins Act Almost Like Humans Evolution News
Researchers: Religion alters nonbelievers’ psychology Uncommon Descent
A detailed look at Mormon beliefs on evolution and human origins Huffington Post
Claim: Atheists have mutant genes, don’t live as long Uncommon Descent
Are Islam and Evolution Compatible? Beliefnet
Rewriting human origins one of RealClearScience’s (Ultimate) Top Ten stories for 2017 Uncommon Descent
Fisher’s Proof of Darwinism Flipped: William Basener replies to Bob O’Hara Uncommon Descent
Ten Questions (and Answers) about Teaching Evolution Skeptical Inquirer CSI
Genetic changes help mosquitoes survive pesticide attacks Science Daily
It's Official: Saturn's Rings Are Young Creation-Evolution Headlines
Convergent evolution? - On Pandas and Lemurs Uncommon Descent
High-performance breathing in bones: Origin of unique respiratory system of birds and dinosaurs Science Daily
Convergent evolution: Researcher “amazed” by similarities between long-extinct marine reptiles and modern life forms that are NOT their descendants Uncommon Descent
Gene fusion shifts cell activity into high gear, causing some cancer Science Daily
DNA mutations found to be biased toward favoring 'G-C' content Science Daily
Why are DNA mutations biased toward 'G-C' content? Uncommon Descent
Photosynthesis pushed back even further. Time to revisit the “Boring Billion” claim. Past time, really. Uncommon Descent
Stone age hunter-gatherers' 'paradise' discovered next to major Israeli road The Guardian
Selfies and science: The "self-esteem" edition. When government buys science, it’s no use complaining when results are politicized Uncommon Descent
Agricultural parasite takes control of host plant's genes Science Daily
Darwinian Lysenkoism in America Evolution News