NEW ARTICLES - NOVEMBER 2017 Updated: November 14, 2017
Paleontologist Becomes an Outcast After Publicly Renouncing Faith in Darwinism Creation-Evolution Headlines
An editor and journalist reflects on the absurdity of naturalism Uncommon Descent
The end of promissory materialism? Uncommon Descent
Philosopher Ed Feser offers some fun: Richard Dawkins vs. Thomas Aquinas Uncommon Descent
On plate tectonics, mass extinctions, and stewardship Daystar - Fred Heeren
2018 global atheist Reason to Hope conference canceled Uncommon Descent
Archaeologists say human-evolution study used stolen bone Nature
Upsetting Another Evolutionary Icon -- Blindness in Cave Fish Is Due to Epigenetics Evolution News
Complexity and Contradictions: Richard Weikart on Hitler's Religion Evolution News
Questioning human origins in Africa is a good thing. What of the claims for Europe? Uncommon Descent
Dark-matter hunt fails to find the elusive particles Nature
Why do we believe in gods? Religious belief 'not linked to intuition or rational thinking' Science Daily
Big Bang? We are now told that there was a Big Melt, not a Big Bang Uncommon Descent
Internet of Cells: The Next Revolution? Evolution News
In Purpose and Desire, Scott Turner Argues that Cognition Is Foundational to Life Evolution News
Astronaut Julie Payette did not KO God in the first round Uncommon Descent
New York Times Links Darwin, Dawkins, and Witchcraft Chic Evolution News
The Woman Who Tried to Take Down Darwin Smithsonian Magazine
Adam, Eve and Population Genetics: A Reply to Dr. Richard Buggs (Part 1) The Biologos Forum
Richard Buggs responds to Dennis Venema on bottlenecks Richard Buggs
Are Adam and Eve genetically possible? The latest: Richard Buggs (yes) replies to Dennis Venema (no) Both are geneticists. Uncommon Descent
300,000-year-old skulls that look shockingly like ours could rewrite the human origin story Independent
Human origins story rewritten again? This time by skulls “shockingly like ours”… 300 kya Uncommon Descent
Purpose and Desire Meets Jerry Coyne: The Evolution of Homeostasis? Evolution News
Understanding biomolecular mechanism crucial to life: Calcium pumps in our cells Science Daily
Evolution as a Ralph’s Supermarket Store Uncommon Descent
Biophysicist Kirk Durston: Canada’s governor general as a highly visible example of scientism Uncommon Descent
In the PC war, Darwinism beats even feminism Uncommon Descent
Okay, Darwinism beats feminism. But feminism beats genetics, right? So are these people asking for trouble or what? Uncommon Descent
Why doesn’t anyone confront researchers about made-up claims about animal cognition? Uncommon Descent
Evolution Caught in the Act NeurologicaBlog
SETI: The Darwin Connection Creation-Evolution Headlines
The Bullet Cluster Proves Dark Matter Exists, But Not For the Reason Most Physicists Think Forbes
Consciously quantum: How you make everything real New Scientist
New Scientist on the yoga mat: We make everything real Uncommon Descent
Protein Mutations Are Highly Coupled Evolution News
Philosopher exposes neo-Darwinian Daniel Dennett: Claims “so preposterous as to verge on the deranged” Uncommon Descent
Why male and female bodies of the same species differ Science Daily
Theistic Evolution: A Scientific, Philosophical, and Theological Critique Evolution News
Study: Knowing all mutations cannot predict a protein. So evolution becomes mere history, not metaphysics? Uncommon Descent
Good review of Daniel Dennett's From Bacteria to Bach and Back The New Atlantis
Keller: Landscape of biological thought is being “radically reconfigured” Uncommon Descent
How Can Evolutionists Judge Morality? Creation-Evolution Headlines
This Is Your Brain on Intelligent Design Creation-Evolution Headlines
Big Bang Scientists: Universe Shouldn't Exist ICR
Ancient lizardlike creature bridged gap between land and sea Science Magazine
Scientists estimate the mutation rate from chimpanzee parents to their offspring Science Daily
Fossil of 'our earliest ancestors' found in Dorset BBC
How Popper Killed Particle Physics Back Reaction
How life arose from primordial muck: Experimental evidence overturns accepted theory Science Daily
Origin of life researchers: RNA World can’t produce genetic code Uncommon Descent
New Theory Addresses How Life on Earth Arose from the Primordial Muck University of North Carolina
Understanding the origins-of-life using prebiotic chemistry GenScript
Insuperable problems of the genetic code initially emerging in an RNA world Biosystems
Potential 'missing link' in chemistry that led to life on Earth discovered Science Daily
Adam and Eve still a possibility? The Skeptical Zone
Richard Buggs's critique of Venema's arguments re Adam and Eve Evolution News
Response to Felsenstein and Schaffner on Adam and Eve The Skeptical Zone
Adam and Eve and the Skeptics, Episode 2 : Geneticist Richard Buggs replies Uncommon Descent
It’s not clear that science can survive long in a post-modern world Uncommon Descent
Post-modern naturalism: Paranormal goes mainstream Uncommon Descent
How to Define Cell Type The Scientist
Excusing Darwinism's Lack of Evidence Creation-Evolution Headlines
Protein unpredictability: knowing all possible mutations isn't enough to predict where a protein will go Science Daily
Evolutionary Predictions of Protein Structure Is “Iffy” (PaV) Uncommon Descent
New Map of Dark Matter Puts the Big Bang Theory on Trial (Kavli Roundtable) Space
Does the size of the universe prove God doesn't exist? The Conversation
Does the size of the universe sweep us toward atheism? Uncommon Descent
The very first living thing is still alive inside each one of us New Scientist
Physicists show how lifeless particles can become 'life-like' by switching behaviors Science Daily
A review of "God, Adam, and You"
Journal of Creation - Table of Contents
Physicists make rapid progress in bounding the speed of gravity APS Journals
Philosopher: If there is something rather than nothing, questions around God cannot be ignored Uncommon Descent
Darwin’s aliens: Natural selection is magic Uncommon Descent
Bird Evolution Story Crash-Lands ICR
Mammals switched to daytime activity after dinosaur extinction Science Daily
How One Psychologist Is Tackling Human Biases in Science Nautilus
Hurting a scientist’s feelings could cost a journal $10 million? Uncommon Descent
The Problem with Males: Y-Chromosome Degeneration Creation-Evolution Headlines
Postmodern Creationism in Academia: Why Evergreen Matters Quillette
Do Animals Think Rationally? University of Houston
Early humans and dawn of human information sharing: Team challenges accepted notions of cultural transmission Science Daily
11-year-old conjoined twins have a connected brain, see through each others eyes, but have separate minds Uncommon Descent
An argument over dino-history is tearing palaeontology in two Wired
Time to rewrite the dinosaur textbooks? Not quite yet! Science Daily
Skin Color Research Confirms Biblical Narrative ICR
Animals' mitochondria defenses discovered in plants Science Daily
Discovery of 'monster' planet surprises astronomers CBC News
Sean Carroll and Brute Facts Uncommon Descent
Theistic Evolution: A Scientific, Philosophical, and Theological Critique Is Here! Evolution News
Do claims about “front-loading” design make theistic evolution viable? An engineer offers some thoughts. Uncommon Descent
CATO releases report on the state of freedom of speech and tolerance in the United States Cato Institute
NEW ARTICLES - OCTOBER 2017 Updated: October 31, 2017
Three Flagellum Updates Amplify Behe's Challenge to Darwinism from Irreducible Complexity Evolution News
Geneticist defends possible Adam and Eve in Nature: Ecology and Evolution Uncommon Descent
What are the limits of Random Variation? A simple evaluation of the probabilistic resources of our biological world Uncommon Descent
Mendel - An Opponent of Descent with Modification ResearchGate
Lazy Darwinists Abuse Science Creation-Evolution Headlines
Is evolution about chance or fate? Well, it depends New Scientist
What? Yet again?: Is evolution about chance or fate? How about a better question: Are pop science media doomed? Uncommon Descent
Inside a Cell’s Engine Room Physics.aps
How science transformed the world in 100 years BBC
Does post-modern naturalism lead to a rise in superstition? Uncommon Descent
New Mexico: Science standards changes draw protest Uncommon Descent
This evolution meeting must be significant: Suzan Mazur has been disinvited… again! Uncommon Descent
The U.S. Is Retreating from Religion Scientific American
Big Science Fights Christian Values Creation-Evolution Headlines
Are creationists damaging Christianity by ignoring science?
Discovered in plants a mechanism that corrects defects in protein folding Science Daily
Closing in on dark matter Cosmos Magazine
Inflation never solved the flatness problem Back Reaction
Theoretical physicist: Textbook inflation theory does not solve flatness problem Uncommon Descent
New gravitational wave detection with optical counterpart rules out some dark matter alternatives Back Reaction
What is space? The 300-year-old philosophical battle that is still raging today The Conversation
Spatial inverse problem in Earth sciences
An Extraterrestrial Spin on the RNA World Evolution News
Plants Use Elaborate Email System Creation-Evolution Headlines
Understanding the coevolving web of life as a network Science Daily
Zap! RNA World gets another brief jolt of life Uncommon Descent
Flowers have evolved an ingenious way to attract pollinators Nature
Ancient teeth don’t rewrite human history after all Uncommon Descent
Ancient Teeth Found in Europe Belonged to Mystery Primate - do not rewrite human history National Geographic
What the controversial 'human' teeth fossils really tell us New Scientist
Evolution at last! In an English country garden Uncommon Descent
Wikipedians diminish another high achiever sympathetic to ID Uncommon Descent
Human Origins: Out of Africa, or Out of Germany? Evolution News
Mongolian microfossils point to the rise of animals on Earth Science Daily
The future of DNA sequencing Nature
Suppression of academic freedom a 'global crisis' Chemistry World
Dan Brown smacked down by real life physicist he wrote about Uncommon Descent
Scientists develop new theory of molecular evolution Science Daily
Immune response: Scientists identify 'first responders' to bacterial invasion Science Daily
Antimatter Problem Fails Another Test Creation-Evolution Headlines
Blind Cavefish Illuminate Divine Engineering ICR
Newfound Wormhole Allows Information to Escape Black Holes Quanta Magazine
Building Blocks of Life May Have Formed in Water Droplets The Scientist
The first trees to have ever grown on Earth were also the most complex Cardiff University News
Researchers: Earth’s first trees were also “most complex” Uncommon Descent
The Weird Growth Strategy of Earth's First Trees The Scientist
Nature programmes, science and God
Why the museum drawer is an enemy of understanding evolution Uncommon Descent
Michael Shermer and the Laws of Complexity Evolution News
Cryo-EM imaging suggests how the double helix separates during replication Science Daily
Functional Mechanisms of Microsatellite DNA in Eukaryotic Genomes Genome Biology and Evolution
The Origin of Animal Multicellularity and Cell Differentiation Cell
The Immune System is Really Amazing (and Designed) Uncommon Descent
What constitutes an individual organism in biology? Aeon
'Incredible' editing of life's building blocks BBC
Selective Extinctions Defy Logic Creation-Evolution Headlines
Cretan footprints stomp on human evolution
Long-term evolution experiments (LTEE) reveal too much complexity to be “disentangled” Uncommon Descent
New genes on 'deteriorating' Y chromosome Science Daily
An information hypothesis for the evolution of homeostasis Semantic Scholar
Simple Bacteria Offer Clues to the Origins of Photosynthesis Quanta Magazine
60,000 generations of bacterial evolution produce interdependent sub populations Nature
LIGO announcement vaults astronomy out of its silent movie era into the talkies The Conversation
Fatty Tissues Preserved In Fossil for 48 Million Years Discover Magazine Blogs
Researchers discover 48-million-year-old lipids in a fossil bird Science Daily
Fossil Bird Oil Stuns Scientists Creation-Evolution Headlines
Original Proteins Found in Fossil Sea Turtle Creation-Evolution Headlines
Stunning Bird Fossil Has Bone Tissue ICR
The universe shouldn't exist, scientists say after finding bizarre behaviour of anti-matter Independent
Bacteria have a sense of touch Science Daily
Homochirality: A Big Challenge for the Naturalistic Origin of Life
Molecular motors observed with physics tweezers APS Physics
Warm Little Pond? PNAS Paper Admits Difficulties Generating RNA on Prebiotic Earth Evolution News
Cell Repair Requirement Demolishes Origin-of-Life Speculation Creation-Evolution Headlines
The multiverse as post-modern “performance art” Uncommon Descent
Backstory: Plant biologist offers more evidence to falsify Darwinism Uncommon Descent
Mapping The Wobbles Broke Another Dark Matter Hypothesis Science 2.0
Darwinians Claim to See Evolution Happening Now Creation-Evolution Headlines
Do creationists cherry-pick discordant dates?
Opposition to Galileo was scientific, not just religious Aeon
Physicist: The Galileo dispute involved science as well as religion Uncommon Descent
Occult gaining ground among “sciencey liberals” Uncommon Descent
The Human Cell Atlas: Technical approaches and challenges Oxford University Press
Museum of the Bible generates angst in the museum drawers Uncommon Descent
Film: Darwinism and the human zoo Uncommon Descent
The Great Species Mixup Answers in Genesis
The theory that humans emerged in Africa is often questioned. That's good for science. The Conversation
'Surprising' lizards in amber
Debunking the Debunkers: A Response to Criticism and Obfuscation Regarding Refutation of the Human Chromosome 2 Fusion Answers Research Journal
Gregory Chaitin Discusses Consciousness and Information Theory
Pumpkin genomes reveal uncommon evolutionary history Science Daily
Is belief in a Creator / Designer compatible with belief in Darwinian evolution? Wintry Knight
Viewpoint: The Relentless Hunt for Dark Matter APS Physics
Reflexive system of the human eye also produces a conscious visual experience Science Daily
Scientists use epigenetic marks to predict how DNA folds Science Daily
Let’s Save the University from Secular Privilege Christianity Today
Philosophy Rebuts Key Barrier Between Science and Religion Real Clear Science
Wonderful! Michael Denton's New Book, The Wonder of Water, Is Out Evolution News
Darwinism, now thoroughly detached from its historical roots as a falsifiable theory, “must be abandoned” Uncommon Descent
It's mathematically impossible to beat aging, scientists say Science Daily
More complexity - Transcriptional accuracy modeling suggests two-step proofreading by RNA polymerase Oxford Academic
Cell signals that trigger wound healing are surprisingly complex Science Daily
Research rethinks the evolutionary importance of variability in a population Science Daily
J. Scott Turner on why we do not have a coherent theory of evolution… Uncommon Descent
Ouch! Scott Turner on “settled science” Uncommon Descent
Mutator genomes decay, despite sustained fitness gains, in a long-term experiment with bacteria PNAS
Cheaters Never Prosper? Sure They Do in Origin-of-Life Papers Evolution News
Half the universe's missing matter has just been finally found New Scientist
At Forbes: Brilliant new ideas that should die for the sake of physics Uncommon Descent
Retracting Bad Science Doesn't Make It Disappear Wired
A molecular garbage disposal complex has a role in packing the genome Science Daily
Wikipedia Erases Paleontologist Günter Bechly Evolution News
The Myth of Scientific Objectivity by William A. Wilson First Things
Another view: Objectivity is a myth. Bring the social justice warriors into science! Uncommon Descent
Corrupt Peer Review Needs a Reformation Creation-Evolution Headlines
New antibiotic resistance genes found Science Daily
Insects Are Increasingly Evolving Resistance to Genetically Modified Crops The Scientist
Whales and dolphins have rich 'human-like' cultures and societies Science Daily
Scientists detect gravitational waves from a new kind of nova, sparking a new era in astronomy Washington Post
SETI prediction: Evidence for aliens by 2035 if they exist Uncommon Descent
How a Quarter of Cow DNA Came From Reptiles The Atlantic
Evolution's rules mean life on Earth isn't that varied after all New Scientist
Unexpected regulation of transcription factors critical to development Science Daily
Blind cave fish lost eyes by unexpected evolutionary process New Scientist
Does Science Need Mavericks? Aeon
What Does It Mean to Have Free Will? Big Questions Online
Alpbach Symposium: Another 1960s revolt by serious thinkers against Darwinism Uncommon Descent
Female dolphins have weaponised their vaginas to fend off males New Scientist
Eukaryote embryos from China Science Direct
Dinosaur blood? New research urges caution regarding fossilized soft tissue Science Daily
New evidence on how birds took to the air BBC
Parasitoid Wasps Shed Light on the Origin of Venom Answers in Genesis
Darwin-in-the-schools lobby elects self-described creationist as leader Uncommon Descent
Christians Are Opposed To Science! -- What Do You Mean By That? Cerebral Faith
Are Christians “opposed to science” or are we trying to prevent a suicide? Uncommon Descent
Michael Ruse - Do We Need Purposes in Biology? Big Questions Online
Darwinian philosopher asks: Do we need purpose in biology? Uncommon Descent
Does Science Rule Out a First Human Pair? Geneticist Richard Buggs Says No Evolution News
Biologos and Adam and Eve as Rubicon Evolution News
Can Cosmology Prove or Disprove Creation? Big Questions Online
What came before the big bang? Popular Science
Five Brilliant Ideas For New Physics That Need To Die, Already Forbes
New metric takes a crack at solving science's credibility problem Physics Today
The Universe Began With a Big Melt, Not a Big Bang Nautilus
Dark Matter Mystery Deepens Creation-Evolution Headlines
Trilobites Can't Stomach Darwinism ICR
Computer model unravels knotty problems in DNA Science Daily
Harvard-Educated Biologist Re-opens Shut Case in Provocative New Book Replacing Darwin Answers in Genesis
Genome analysis of early plant lineage sheds light on how plants learned to thrive on land Science Daily
Prehistoric humans are likely to have formed mating networks to avoid inbreeding Science Daily
More traits associated with your Neanderthal DNA Science Daily
Effects of Neanderthal DNA on Modern Humans The Scientist
Ancient Viruses Are Buried in Your DNA NY Times
First evidence of the body's waste system in the human brain discovered Science Daily
35 m.y.o. salamander looks like a present-day salamander Science Daily
Computational study sheds doubt on latest theory of birds' mysterious magnetic compass Science Daily
First, They Came for the Biologists Wall Street Journal
Astronomers reveal evidence of dynamical dark energy Science Daily
Bill Nye To Dress Up As Real Scientist For Halloween Babylon Bee
Will a reverse transcriptase ribozyme save the RNA world? eLife Sciences
Did our cosmos emerge from a sea of inflating bubbles? Aeon
Monstrous crocodile fossil points to early rise of ancient reptiles Science Daily
Celebrate Your Inner Virus Answers in Genesis
Fossil Food Finds Change Evolutionary Stories Creation-Evolution Headlines
What Did the Reformers Believe about the Age of the Earth? Answers in Genesis
The lecture that changed biology BBC
We just found nineteen new species of gecko in one tiny area New Scientist
Researchers claim we are not living in a simulation Daily Mail
Life may have begun millions of years earlier than we thought New Scientist
Unexpected findings uncover new understanding of gene expression Science Daily
Does Human Evolutionary History Hang on a Sugar Tree? Answers in Genesis
Evolutionists Embrace Time Travel and Alternate Histories ICR
Email to Dennis Venema about human population bottlenecks Richard Buggs
Macrophages Are the Ultimate Multitaskers The Scientist
A complex lens for a complex eye Oxford Academic
Structure and in situ organisation of the Pyrococcus furiosusarchaellum machinery eLife
It takes the right amount of carbon Science Daily
Is The Inflationary Universe A Scientific Theory? Not Anymore Forbes
Physicist at Forbes; Is the inflationary universe not science any more? Uncommon Descent
Oldest Evidence of Life Found in 3.95-Billion-Year-Old Rocks Live Science
Manipulating Fossils to Fit Evolution Creation-Evolution Headlines
A Phenomenological and Dynamic View of Homology Biological Theory
Genetic Modeling of Human History Part 1: Comparison of Common Descent and Unique Origin Approaches BIO-Complexity
Genetic Modeling of Human History Part 2: A Unique Origin Algorithm BIO-Complexity
Engineered Adaptability: Engineering Causality Is the Answer to Darwinian Externalism ICR
lncRNAs regulate transcription Science
Ken Miller elected president of NCSE Board of Directors NCSE
Communism Was Welded to Darwinism Evolution News
Education through an evolutionary lens Evolution Institute
New Theory Cracks Open the Black Box of Deep Learning Quanta Magazine
Post-modern science: The illusion of consciousness sees through itself Evolution News
Original Dinosaur Egg Pigments Found Creation-Evolution Headlines
Massive Genetic Study Purporting Human Evolution Debunked ICR
How Did Homo naledi Get in That Cave? ICR
Happy 350,000th Birthday: Study Pushes Back Homo Sapiens Origins US News
Southern African Ancestors Reveal That Modern Humans Emerged 350,000 Years Ago Seeker
Southern African ancient genomes estimate modern human divergence to 350,000 to 260,000 years ago Science
Genetic Struggles Within Cells May Create New Species Quanta Magazine
New study changes our view on flying insects Science Daily
A Single Mutation in Zika Led to Devastating Effects The Scientist
Your Childhood Experiences Can Permanently Change Your DNA Smithsonian
Tsunami enabled hundreds of aquatic species to raft across Pacific Science Daily
New light shed on how Earth and Mars were created Science Daily
The Crucial Importance of Nancey Murphy’s Deployment of Lakatos’s Methodology for Theology and Science Taylor and Francis Online
Brain guides body much sooner than previously believed Science Daily
Genes are controlled by 'Nano footballs, ' scientists discover Science Daily
Ancient 'sea woodlice' had surprisingly complicated guts New Scientist
Mantis shrimps have mushroom bodies in their brains, structures that are well known from insects but not from crustaceans Science Daily
Darwin's Point: No Evidence for Common Ancestry of Humans with Monkeys Evolution News
Water Can Be Corrosive To Life, So What About Alternative Solvents? Astrobiology
A Failure Of Intelligence Testing, With Chimpanzees NPR
A 300 million-year-old fully Modern Beetle Causes Astonishment Creation-Evolution Headlines
Genes which determine animal complexity have been identified Science Daily
Can Neuroscientists Measure Free Will? Big Questions Online
Quantum mysteries dissolve if possibilities are realities Science News
Sonochemical Synthesis: Did Life Originate Inside Collapsing Bubbles? ACSH
New functions of hippocampus unveiled Science Daily
Essentials of Creation: A Response to The Gospel Coalition BioLogos