NEW ARTICLES - MAY 2018 Updated: May 20, 2018
How Anti-Religious Bias Prevented Scientists from Accepting the Big Bang Real Clear Science
At RealClearScience: Anti-religious feelings hindered acceptance of the Big Bang Uncommon Descent
Did the dying Stephen Hawking really mean to strengthen the case for God? The Guardian
Did the dying Stephen Hawking strengthen the case for God by reintroducing fine-tuning? Uncommon Descent
Stephen Hawking's (almost) last paper: putting an end to the beginning of the universe Science Magazine
Are recent dark energy findings a blow for multiverse theory? Uncommon Descent
Mathematicians Disprove Conjecture Made to Save Black Holes Quanta Magazine
Stars born only 250 million years after the Big Bang? Uncommon Descent
Humanity's 3 Hopes For Finding Alien Life Forbes
Does Extraterrestrial Life Exist? Creation Research Society
Panspermia (maybe life came from outer space) is back, in Progress in Biophysics and Molecular Biology Uncommon Descent
Alternatives to Einstein’s gravity face challenges from evidence Uncommon Descent
Exoplanets break apparent rules for planet formation Uncommon Descent
What Does Quantum Physics Actually Tell Us About the World? NY Times
Could a multiverse be hospitable to life? Science Daily
Science at sunset: Dark energy, if it exists, might make a multiverse hospitable to life, if it exists Uncommon Descent
The case against dark matter Astronomy
Multiverse theory cops a blow after dark energy findings Cosmos Magazine
Star Formation Theories Fail to Shine Creation-Evolution Headlines
Proposed dark matter solution: “Gravity is not a fundamental governance of our universe, but instead a reaction to the makeup of a given environment.” Uncommon Descent
NASA Resurrects SETI Creation-Evolution Headlines
Making sense of many universes Knowable Magazine
Prof Stephen Hawking's multiverse finale BBC
Taming the multiverse: Stephen Hawking's final theory about the big bang Science Daily
Suzan Mazur talks with Fermilab associate Craig Hogan at Oscillations about the current state of the hologram universe Uncommon Descent
Troubled Times for Alternatives to Einstein's Theory of Gravity Quanta Magazine
Research casts doubt on theories of star formation EurekAlert
“Complete surprise”: Stars are not necessarily born in the way we thought. Also, galaxies can form much faster than thought Uncommon Descent
Astrophysicist Niayesh Afshordi explains the holograph universe to Suzan Mazur at Oscillations Uncommon Descent
Zombie Science: Darwin's Theory Feeds on Raw Materialism  Evolution News
For Selling Evolution, a Little Knowledge Is a Glorious Thing Evolution News
Epigenetics: “[n]ew ideas closely related to Lamarck’s eighteenth-century views have become central to our understanding of genetics” Uncommon Descent
Photosynthesis involves a protein 'piston' Science Daily
Convergent evolution: Green blood evolved four times in lizards Uncommon Descent
Scientists crack how primordial life on Earth might have replicated itself Science Daily
Wolf-Ekkehard Lönnig’s Long-Necked Giraffe book now free online Uncommon Descent
With Darwinism, "The Theory Is Always Driving the Ideas In Spite of the Evidence" Evolution News
There You Go Again, Nathan Lents - On the Design of the Human Eye Evolution News
Out of One Cell, Many Tissues - But How? Evolution News
MSU scientists' discovery in Yellowstone 'extremely relevant' to origin of life Montana State University
"Alien" Octopuses "arrived on Earth from space as cryopreserved eggs" Express
Biophysics is starting to matter in evolution Uncommon Descent
New nuclear RNA retention activity discovered Science Daily
Scientists find missing factor in gene activation Science Daily
Using and navigating the plant tree of life Wiley Online Library
We are more than our brains: on neuroscience and being human Aeon
Cognitive scientist: We are more than our brains but DON’T get any high ideas on that account! Uncommon Descent
David Attenborough: Charles Darwin and the Tree of Life
Isolated complex functional islands in the ocean of sequences: a model from English language, again. Uncommon Descent
Your Body Acquires Trillions of New Mutations Every Day The Atlantic
We acquire trillions of new mutations every day, so why are we still alive? Uncommon Descent
How Darwin's Theory of Evolution Evolved Smithsonian Magazine
Mission Impossible: From the BioLogos Files Evolution News
Monkey Hybrids Challenge Assumptions of What a Species Is The Scientist
Monkey hybrids are monkeying with the biological species concept Uncommon Descent
Researcher: Mathematics sheds light on “unfathomably complex” cellular thinking, Uncommon Descent
Science historian on Darwinist Ken Miller’s new book, The Human Instinct: Asserting consensus in the midst of growing conflict Uncommon Descent
Kirk Durston: What progress have we made over six decades in understanding the origin of life? Uncommon Descent
Genetics Leaves Central Dogma and Junk DNA in the Rear-View Mirror Evolution News
Dramatic recent finding: There is a new DNA structure in our cells, beyond the double helix Uncommon Descent
Undeniable Intuitions and Unbelievable Coincidences - Douglas Axe Evolution News
We reconstructed the genome of the 'first animal' The Conversation
Math sheds light on how living cells 'think' Science Daily
Tangled Branches Confound Darwinian Trees Creation-Evolution Headlines
More Tangled Branches that Confound Darwinian Trees Creation-Evolution Headlines
The epigenome and facial development Science Daily
A Rulebook for Living Cells Nature
Molecular Machines Show Same Design Principles as Big Machines Creation-Evolution Headlines
Eyes in a Twinkling?  Evolution News
Plants Are Communicating With Each Other Using Underground Signals Atlas Obscura
Cells Talk in a Language That Looks Like Viruses Quanta Magazine
Bechly: Why the Phenomenon of Living Fossils Is Under "Massive Attack" Evolution News
Using Models to Correct Data: Paleodiversity and the Fossil Record PhilSci Archive
Cracking open the formation of fossil concretions Science Daily
A fossil may rewrite the story of how plants first lived on land New Scientist
Scientists find the first bird beak Science Daily
Secular Scientists Admit Dinosaurs Appeared Abruptly ICR
Tom Wolfe 1931-2018 with Kingdom of Speech links Uncommon Descent
Farewell: On Evolution "Myth" and Intelligent Design, Tom Wolfe Boldly Told the Truth Evolution News
High Intra-Specific Variations in Apes and Just-So Stories of Human Evolution Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution
The human-like features of Homo naledi's brain surprise research team Science Daily
Brain of Homo Naledi Estimated Creation-Evolution Headlines
Homo naledi’s small but sophisticated brain challenges belief in “an inevitable march towards bigger, more complex brains.” Uncommon Descent
Cranial capacity isn't the whole story Todd C. Wood
Homo naledi Bones Not Ritually Buried ICR
The Enigma of Death - Were humans mortal before the Fall? Henry Center
Can chimpanzee vocalizations reveal the origins of human language? Science Daily
High Intra-Specific Variations in Apes and Just-So Stories of Human Evolution Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution
Understanding the psychology of pure hate Uncommon Descent
Researcher: Neanderthal engravings made “with symbolic or communicative intent” Uncommon Descent
Adam and Eve: lessons learned Nature - Ecology and Evolution Community
Review of Ken Miller's "The Human Instinct" Evolution News
Science historian on Darwinist Ken Miller’s new book, The Human Instinct: Asserting consensus in the midst of growing conflict Uncommon Descent
Human evolution: Did large brains cause Neanderthals to go extinct? Uncommon Descent
Did Neanderthals sail the Mediterranean? Some interesting evidence. Uncommon Descent
700,000-Year-Old Stone Tools Point to Mysterious Human Relative National Geographic
Engraved Crimean stone artifact may demonstrate Neanderthal symbolism Science Daily
More seafaring hominins Todd C. Wood Blog
How did stone tools get to the Philippines 700 kya? Uncommon Descent
Review of Daniel Dennett's From Bacteria to Bach and Back Commonweal Magazine
Dawkins and the God Question The Gospel Coalition
Darwinism Animalizes Human Values Creation-Evolution Headlines
The Five Arguments Stand: Response to a Critic on Aquinas and Evolution Evolution News
Inspiring Philosophy on quantum mechanics and the death of materialism Uncommon Descent
Is the search for meaning in quantum physics a form of religion? Uncommon Descent
Recognizing "Spin" in the Scientific Literature PLOS
Why science needs free speech Uncommon Descent
Why Are Millennials Turning to Astrology? CSI
At CSICOP: Why millennials and liberals turn to astrology Uncommon Descent
Epigenetics: The Evolution Revolution The New York Review of Books
Biased School Textbooks Aren't Limited to Biology Evolution News
Michael Medved discusses intelligent design theory with Darwin’s Doubt author Steve Meyer Uncommon Descent
Journal of Creation - April 2018
Why do science journalists promote “fake physics” to the public? Uncommon Descent
Why we need to figure out a theory of consciousness The Conversation