Meet Kevin Wirth

CEO, Leafcutter Press
Director of Product Development, Access Research Network (ARN)

Kevin WirthSeattle area resident Kevin Wirth is a founding member of Students for Origins Research (now known as Access Research Network) and is the CEO of a micro-publishing firm called Leafcutter Press.  He has been conducting research on viewpoint discrimination against students, educators, and scientists who are Darwin skeptics for over 25 years, and just recently collaborated with Dr. Jerry Bergman in the publication of a groundbreaking book on this topic titled Slaughter of the Dissidents.  Kevin seeks to create greater public awareness of not only the plight of dissenters who have been discriminated against for harboring doubts about Darwinism, but also provides access to vital information supporting a rationale for skepticism about evolution-related issues.

Born in Redwood City, CA and growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area, Kevin was educated in the California public school system where he was taught and accepted the tenets of Darwinism without question.  While a sophomore in college, he was challenged by a friend to consider questions about evolution and soon discovered several difficulties no one had ever pointed out to him.  As a result, he began documenting these issues, and later conducted extensive bibliographic research at Stanford University for a number of years which eventually led to the development of a huge evolution/ID bibliography.  That work quickly led to his association with many others in the origins community, beginning around 1980. 

Kevin has been instrumental in providing ID background research and editing for many authors in the ID movement, including attorney Philip Johnson (Darwin on Trial), attorney Wendell Bird (The Origin of Species Revisited) and Dr. Jerry Bergman (The Criterion, Slaughter of the Dissidents).  His areas of special interest include creating online information research tools on origins related issues and resources, and documenting discrimination case studies against Darwin skeptics. 

As a writer and IT project management consultant, Kevin has over the years brought his skills together in support of several ongoing information and research projects related to origins issues such as the Quote Verification Project and others currently under development.  His passion and focus is working with the public and within both the ID and creationist communities to help facilitate the networking of teams dedicated to increasing public awareness of ID related issues through speaking engagements, blogs, books, videos, and web sites. 

Kevin is also the father of three children, ages 28-32, and currently resides with his wife Larisa in Port Orchard, WA.

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Home Office: (253) 851-3334
Cell: (360) 990-5422

Web sites: (ARN blog)

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