Evolutionary biologists would have us believe that life came about by chance and the laws of nature alone. But medical experience teaches that when the laws of nature have total control they cause death, not life. For, when the body is at total equilibrium with its environment it is said to be dead.  

If you really want to begin to understand how life came into existence you must first understand how easily it can become non-existent. Just as a mechanic knows that a car can "die" for any number of reasons, so too, every physician knows that there are many different pathways to death. Life must come up with innovations to combat the laws of nature to survive in the world. Theories about life that only describe where the different parts came from, or even how they came together to perform a function, as difficult as that may be, should not be good enough. For medical science knows that without control  it is impossible for the body to have the right amount of any chemical nor be able to adequately maintain any physiological function. When it comes to life being able to survive within the laws of nature every system in the organism must work properly or death takes place.

Natural survival capacity is the ability of the different systems within an organism to take control and deal with the laws of nature to stay alive. These articles will teach you what is going on from moment to moment within your own body. The only thing I ask of you after reading them is to ask yourself what is a more plausible explanation for your very existence: chance and the laws of nature alone or the addition of a heavy dose of intelligent design?

Articles in the "Beyond Irreducible Complexity" Series

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