Access Research Network distributes quality educational resources and study materials that deal with origins and intelligent design. Most books and video tapes are available separately, while others are available in study kit form only. We are continually adding resources to our catalog, as they become available. You now have 3 options for ordering our educational material:

  • Secure On-line Ordering. Order from these pages using our secure-server shopping cart format.
  • Toll-free by Telephone. Place your order toll-free at 1 (888) 259-7102. Leave us a message including your order, credit card number (include expiration), and shipping information.
  • Order by Mail. Print out our on-line order form, fill-in your order including billing and shipping information, and send it to us via regular mail. To subscribe to Origins & Design please use the Subscription Order Form.

    Please Note: Suggested Donation amounts include North American shipping. Foreign shipping is slightly higher. Please see individual product pages for Foreign amounts.

No posters currently available

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