Always Keep Evolution in Context

Carl: “Darwin made it possible to become an intellectually fulfilled atheist.”

Lucy: “You mean a fully fooled atheist, don't you?”

Carl: “Hey, we’re good friends and will continue to be, but that was a cheap shot.”

Lucy: “Cheap maybe, but true. Sometimes truth is good for you.”

Carl: “Truth? Lucy, you’ve got some ‘splainin’ to do!”

Lucy: “All I mean is that you have to place evolution in the context of the bigger picture.”

Carl: “What bigger picture?”

Lucy: “Well, evolution points back to the origin of life which points back to the origin of the universe. The origin of the universe, in turn, points back to its creator. It’s very simple. Either God has always existed or the universe has always existed and it’s not the universe. It’s definitely not this finely-tuned universe we live in that was necessary for us to even have this conversation.”

Carl: “OK. I’ll see your finely-tuned universe and raise you a multiverse.”

Lucy: “That’s fine with me, Carl. But I certainly don’t see why God wouldn’t create multiple universes. You seem to be saying that if more than one universe exists then the likelihood of God’s existence decreases rather than increases with each new creation. The more you create the less chance of your existence? What sense does that make from someone who has so much faith in reason? If you created even one universe wouldn’t you deserve credit for it? Wouldn’t you deserve Nobel Prizes in Physics, Chemistry and Biology?”

Carl, “But if there is a multiverse then your fine-tuning argument goes out the window.”

Lucy: “Not so fast, Carl. What evidence do you have that other universes wouldn’t be finely-tuned to support life?”

Carl: “Who needs evidence when you have fluctuations in a vacuum?”

Lucy: “Science fiction doesn’t need evidence, Carl, but science does. Besides, you are using a materialistic god-of-the-gaps argument.”

Carl: “I’m using a god-of-the-gaps argument?”

Lucy: “Of course you are. Your god is chance. Pure chance. Once you assume materialism, or philosophical naturalism or physicalism, all you have is pure chance to account for the origin of the universe. Carl, please. ‘It just happened’ isn’t a scientific explanation for anything, be it the arrival of the fittest or the origin of the entire Cosmos.”

Carl: “But I’m talking about the multiverse!”

Lucy: That’s fine, but keep in mind that a multiverse requires an eternally existing universe generator ... aka God.”

Carl: “Hmmm. May I buy you a cup of coffee? I don’t have enough caffeine in my system to continue this conversation right now.”

Lucy: “I’m good with that. Cream and sugar are on me. Just remember that creation preceded evolution and Mind preceded matter. It matters.”

… to be continued.

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