Selected Articles from Origins Research Volume 15, Number 1


The Whole Question of Metaphysics

Spring/Summer 1993

In this issue of Origins Research, Paul Nelson delivers his report on the AAAS 1993 Boston meeting discussing "The New Anti-Evolutionism" and Professor Michael Ruse's surprising remarks.

Also included
in this issue:

  • A Note to Teachers
    This article by Mark Hartwig and Stephen Meyer is a reprint of the appendix to the Second Edition of Of Pandas and People by noted authors Percival Davis and Dean Kenyon. Admitting that the subject of origins is controversial, Hartwig and Meyer note that controversy has its benefits and offer teachers a number of convincing justifications for teaching alternatives to Darwinian theory.
  • Response to Gould
    In July 1992, Scientific American published Stephen Jay Gould's scathing review of Phil Johnson's book Darwin on Trial. Here we print Johnson's reply to Gould's review.
  • Editor's Column
    Making a guest appearance, Art Battson lends his unique insight to this issues' issues and other controversial topics.

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