Ohio Science Standards Update

Ohio HB 481, was introduced by Representative Reidelbach and fifteen other co-sponsors on January 24, 2002. The bill requires Ohio schools to do three things:

  • Encourage the teaching of origins science objectively and without religious, naturalistic or philosophic bias or assumption.

  • Provide appropriate explanation about any material assumption that is used as a basis for an explanation in origins science; and

  • Encourage curriculum development that will promote critical thinking and help students understand the full range of scientific views regarding origins and why the subject is controversial.

The bill has attracted a firestorm of political and media attention. We have collected copies of the legislation, comments, testimony and news articles and will post updates as they are available.

For further information on the Ohio Science Standards, you can also visit the IDNet website at: http://www.intelligentdesignnetwork.org/.



News Articles

Commentary from Phillip Johnson

  • More from Ohio (1.31.02) In this Weekly Wedge Update, Phillip Johnson (with the help of John Calvert) discusses the Ohio School Board situation in greater depth. He cites, in particular, the interest in intelligent design shown by the Science Standards Committee of the Board.

  • Curriculum Controversy in Ohio (1.17.02) Unhappy with an early draft of the proposed science curriculum for grades K-12, several members of the Ohio State Board of Education are pushing for a rewrite that would present evolution as "an assumption, not fact," and would include an alternative explanation for how humans and all other living things came to exist.


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