PBS Firing Line Debate on Creation/Evolution
December 19, 1997

William Buckley hosted a creation/evolution debate on the PBS show Firing Line 19 December 1997. The cast of debaters was impressive with four respected names representing each side. The debate was organized into a series of mini-debates, some one-on-one between two individuals, and some involving the whole group.

Resolved: Evolution Should Acknowledge Creation

Moderator: Michael Kinsley


Pro (creationist):

  • Mr. William F. Buckley

  • Mr. Philip Johnson (lawyer, author, Darwin On Trial)

  • Dr. Micheal Behe (biochemist, author, Darwin's Black Box)

  • Dr. David Berlinski mathematician, author, The Deniable Darwin)

Con (evolutionist):

  • Mr. Barry Lynne (Americans for the Separation of Church and State)

  • Ms. Eugenie Scott (Exec. Director, National Center for Science Education)

  • Dr. Michael Ruse (philosopher)

  • Dr. Kenneth Miller (biologist, author, reviewed Darwin's Black Box)

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