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The Design of Life: Discovering Signs of Intelligence in Biological Systems How to be an Intellectually Fulfilled Atheist (Or Not)
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A Critique of Darwinist Icons
Lecture and Interview with Jonathan Wells

A Panel Discussion on the Theory of Evolution
with Michael Ruse, Bruce Tiffney, and Jonathan Wells

Unlocking the Mystery of Life

Where Does the Evidence Lead?

Reviews of Icons of Evolution

Response to Critics Articles
  • Do Centrioles Create a Polar Ejection Force?
    Reprinted from Rivista di Biologia / Biology Forum 98 (2005), pp. 71-96. File Date: 4.03.06.
  • Ten Questions to Ask Your Biology Teacher About Evolution
    File Date: 1.31.02.
  • Should We Stop Criticizing the Dotrine of Universal Common Ancestry?
    File Date: 11.03.01. Jonathan Wells discusses universal common ancestry and contemplates whether or not any merits provided by the doctirne should exclude it from the general criticism of Darwinian evolution.
  • Lerner Report Whitewashes Bad Science
    File Date: 10.16.00.
    Jonathan Wells critiques Lawrence S. Lerner's Good Science, Bad Science: Teaching Evolution in the States. Wells argues that the report, while recommending increased emphasis in America's public schools on biological evolution, fails to point out that students are being systematically misled about the scientific evidence, and it thereby encourages precisely the sort of bad science it pretends to criticize.
  • An Evaluation of Ten Recent Biology Textbooks
    File Date: 9.14.00. This report by Wells, published in September by Discovery Institute’s Center for the Renewal of Science and Culture, examines ten of the most popular high school and college level textbooks and issues grades based on their presentations of the theory of evolution. Wells' critique issues failing grades to popular biology textbooks after finding that they inadequately cover the evidence for Darwinian evolution.
  • Second Thoughts about Peppered Moths
    File Date: 11.08.99. Published in The Scientist, May 1999. Every student of biological evolution learns about peppered moths. This species has become the classical story of evolution by natural selection. The same careful scientific approach which established the classical story in the first place, however, has now revealed major flaws in it. It is time to take another look. Note: This is the shorter, edited version; the full length version with photos is available from within this file.
From the Origins & Design Archives
  • Abusing Theology
    File Date: 7.10.98. Origins & Design 19:1. Is there genuine or only spurious support in the Church Fathers for Van Till's doctrine of functional integrity? Part of 3-part debate.
  • Homology: A Concept in Crisis
    File Date: 1.1.98. Co-authored with Paul Nelson. Origins & Design 18:2, Fall 1997. Patterns of similarity -- homologies -- among diverse groups of organisms gave Darwin one of the key lines of evidence for his theory of common descent. Within the past decade, however, the neo-Darwinian interpretation of homology has been powerfully challenged by new data. Will the theory of common descent survive?
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