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Dr. Robert C. Newman

Robert C. Newman is Professor of New Testament at the Biblical Theological Seminary of Hatfield, Pennsylvania (a suburb of Philadelphia) and Director of the Interdisciplinary Biblical Research Institute there. As a theologian he has earned the degrees of Master of Divinity and Master of Sacred Theology. He has done further graduate work in religious thought at the University of Pennsylvania, in biblical geography at the Institute of Holy Land Studies (now Jerusalem University College), and in biblical interpretation at Westminster Theological Seminary.

In the field of science, Dr. Newman received his under-graduate degree in physics from Duke University and his doctorate in theoretical astrophysics from Cornell University. He has done scientific research for the U.S. Weather Bureau and the Franklin Institute.

Dr. Newman is co-author of four books: Science Speaks, Genesis One and the Origin of the Earth, The Evidence of Prophecy, and What's Darwin Got to Do With It? A Friendly Conversation on Evolution . He has also published a number of articles in magazines, scientific and theological journals, dictionaries, and multi-author books.

Business Address: Biblical Theological Seminary
200 N. Main St. Hatfield, PA 19440-2499
(215) 368-5000 X153
fax (215) 368-7002

BS: 1963 Duke University; Physics PhD: 1967 Cornell University; Astrophysics MDiv: 1970 Faith Theological Seminary STM: 1975 Biblical Theological Seminary; Old Testament Further Graduate Work: 1966 Univ of Wisconsin; Cosmic Gas Dynamics 1974-75 Univ of Pennsylvania; Religious Thought 1978 Institute of Holy Land Studies; Biblical Geography 1981-84 Westminster Seminary; Hermeneutics & Biblical Interpretation

1959 Valedictorian, Washington-Lee HS, Arlington, VA
1959-63 Angier B. Duke Regional Scholar, Duke University
1962 Student Trainee of the Year, US Weather Bureau
1963 BS, summa cum laude, Duke University
1963 Woodrow Wilson Honorary Fellow
1963-67 National Science Foundation Graduate Fellow
1963 Andrew Dickson White Honorary Fellow
1969 William Allen Chamberlain Academic Award, Faith Seminary
1975 Who's Who in Religion
1975 Fellow, American Scientific Affiliation
1992 Who's Who in Theology and Science
1997 1st and 2nd prizes, tract writing contest, American Scien-tific Affiliation

1980- Director, Interdisciplinary Biblical Research Institute
1977- Professor of New Testament, Biblical Theological Seminary
1971-77 Assoc Prof of NT, Biblical Seminary
1968-71 Assoc Prof of Science & Mathematics, Shelton College
1967-68 Postdoctoral Fellow, Bartol Research Foundation of the Franklin Institute
1963 Physicist (GS-7), US Weather Bureau
1959-62 Student Trainee, US Weather Bureau


Dr. Robert C. Newman

ARN YouTube Channel

What's Darwin Got to do with It?

Focus on Origins:
From the Big Bang to Biology

Video Interview

Scriptural Evidence for an Old Earth

What's Darwin Got to do with It?

What's Darwin Got to Do with It?
A Friendly Conversation about Evolution
Robert C. Newman and John Wiester

  • The Status of Evolution as a Scientific Theory
    Is evolution fact and creation merely faith? Or is evolution faith and creation fact? Is one true and the other false, are both true or, for that matter, both false? This controversy -- whether in the media, classroom or courtroom has often generated more heat than light. This article shines a little light on one question relevant to the dispute: what is the epistemological status of evolution? How certain is it as a theory? In what sense can one say that evolution is a fact? Co-authored by Robert C. Newman, John A. Bloom, Perry G. Phillips, and John C. Studenroth. File date: 11.03.01.
  • Artificial Life and Cellular Automata
    File date: 3.16.00.
  • Evangelicals and Crackpot Science
    Because of the tension which has developed between the scientific and the evangelical communities in the past century and a half, Bible believers are often (rightly or wrongly) suspicious of the discoveries and theorizing of modern science. This has led to a rather widespread attraction to theories viewed as crackpot by scientists and other educated people. Some examples are discussed and strategies proposed to protect Christians from looking unnecessarily foolish before the watching world. File Date: 3.16.00.
  • Beliefs and Physics: Some Lessons from the Ancient Greeks
    A brief sketch of ancient Greek physics from Thales to Aristotle reveals a strong interaction between metaphysical belief and the practice of physics. This interaction worked in both directions, as metaphysical views suggested (and inhibited) questions and approaches to the physical realm, and physical observations and experiments favored or disfavored various metaphysical views. Some lessons are suggested concerning how we should view current theories in modern physics. File Date: 3.16.00.
  • Lectures
  • Cosmos and Contact: Discerning Signs of Intelligence in the Universe
    Dr. Newman reviews the movie Contact based on the book by Carl Sagan. In the book Dr. Sagan defines what would constitute an extra terrestrial (ET) message. Dr. Newman claims the fine-tuning of the universe and the complexity of living systems meet Sagan's definition. We have been looking for a message from ET and it has been starring us in the face all along. File date: 2.13.03. Power Point Format

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