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Paul Nelson

Paul A. Nelson received his Ph.D. from the University of Chicago Department of Philosophy. His thesis critiques aspects of macroevolutionary theory in light of recent developments in embryology and developmental biology. Entitled On Common Descent, it will be published in the University of Chicago Department of Ecology and Evolution's "Evolutionary Monographs" series (and the first in this prestigious series to critique neo-Darwinism). He is currently collaborating with Stephen Meyer and William Dembski on a book formulating a scientific theory of biological design. He has written several articles on the philosophical aspects of evolutionary biology including one recently published in Biology and Philosophy. He edits the journal Origins & Design. 


Paul Nelson

Articles - Discovery Institute Database

ARN Archives

  • Debating The Controversy That Doesnt Exist
    Discovery Institute Paul Nelson. April 6, 2006
  • Design and Common Ancestry
    BLOG: Evolution News & Views Paul Nelson. May 7, 2007
  • Homology in Biology: Problem for Naturalistic Science and Prospect for Intelligent Design
    Darwinism, Design, and Public Education Paul A. Nelson & Jonathan Wells. December 1, 2003
  • Is Common Descent an Axiom for Biology?
    File date: 4.09.01
  • Jettison the Arguments or the Rule? The Place of Darwinian Theological Themata in Evolutionary Reasoning
    File Date: 11.16.98.
  • No, We Didn’t Make Up The Controversies – A Reply to John Timmer
    BLOG: Evolution News & Views Paul Nelson. May 9, 2008
  • Ontogenetic Depth as a Complexity Metric for the Cambrian Explosion
    An online chat with Paul Nelson hosted by ISCID on February 5, 2003. File Date: 02.18.03
  • Problems with Characterizing the Protostome-Deuterostome Ancestor
    Society for Developmental Biology 2004 Annual Meeting, Poster Number 254 Paul Nelson & Marcus Ross. July 28, 2004
  • Report on the ASA Conference Debate on Pandas and People Textbook
    On Sunday, July 23, 1995, at its annual meeting, the American Scientific Affiliation (ASA) sponsored a debate on the supplemental biology textbook Of Pandas and People: The Central Question of Biological Origins. This is Paul Nelson's report on that debate. pdf file (44,238 bytes).
    File date: 9.1.95.
  • The Cambrian Explosion: Biology's Big Bang
    Darwinism, Design and Public Education Stephen C. Meyer, Marcus Ross, Paul Nelson & Paul Chien. December 1, 2003
  • Why is the Problem of Macroevolution Still Unsolved?
    Paul Nelson Powerpoint. April 6, 2005
  • From the Origins & Design Archives
  • Colin Patterson Revisits His Famous Question About Evolution
    Since the late 1970's, the thinking of English paleontologist and systematist Colin Patterson has been a focal point of controversy in biology and evolutionary theory. O&D looks at highlights of his work. File Date: 6.22.96. Origins & Design 17:1, Winter 1996.
  • Homology: A Concept in Crisis
    Co-authored with Jonathan Wells. Patterns of similarity -- homologies -- among diverse groups of organisms gave Darwin one of the key lines of evidence for his theory of common descent. Within the past decade, however, the neo-Darwinian interpretation of homology has been powerfully challenged by new data. Will the theory of common descent survive? File Date: 1.1.98. Origins & Design 18:2, Fall 1997.
  • From the Origins Research Archives
  • Thinking About the Theory of Design
    A Report on the Symposium "Can There be a Scientific Theory of Intelligent Design?" held at the 48th Annual Meeting of the American Scientific Affiliation, Seattle Pacific University, Seattle, WA, August 9, 1993. File Date: 7.19.95. Origins Research 15:2, Fall/Winter 1993.
  • The Whole Question of Metaphysics
    In this issue of Origins Research, Paul Nelson delivers his report on the AAAS 1993 Boston meeting discussing "The New Anti-Evolutionism" and Professor Michael Ruse's surprising remarks. File Date: 6.3.97. Origins Research 15:1, Spring/Summer 1993.
  • News and Views
    Reviews from Origins Research 13:1. (pdf file, 12317 bytes)
    File Date: Origins Research 13:1.
  • Origins & Design Reviews
  • The Bulldog's Life: Part 1
    Review of Huxley: The Devil's Disciple by Adrian Desmond. File Date: 6.22.96. Origins & Design 17:1, Winter 1996.
  • Getting Rid of the Unfair Rules
    Joint review with Stephen C. Meyer of The Battle of Beginnings: Why Neither Side is Winning in the Creation/Evolution Debate by Del Ratzsch. Origins & Design 17:2.
  • Literature Survey
    Levinton on Kauffman; Penman rethinks cell structure; Snyder illuminates Whewell; Sullivan and Dawkins spar; and other selections. File Date: 6.22.96. Origins & Design 17:1, Winter 1996.
  • Literature Survey
    The origin of feathers; Rosenberg anatomizes naturalism; the continuity thesis in origin of life research; how vestiges may arise; and other selections. File Date: 11.14.96. Origins & Design 17:2, Spring 1996.
  • Literature Survey
    T.H. Huxley's ambivalence about natural selection; how the giraffe got its neck; Mendel as an opponent of evolution.File Date: 5.1.97. Origins & Design 18:1, Winter 1997.
  • Literature Survey
    The cosmological argument; Agassiz's case against Darwinism; molecules versus morphology; more uses for genetic "junk". File Date: 1.1.98. Origins & Design 18:2, Fall 1997.
  • Literature Survey
    Darwin and theology; beauty in theories; etc.. File Date: 7.10.98. Origins & Design 19:1, Summer 1998.
  • What Would Real Little Green Men Us About Evolution -- and God?
    Review of Are We Alone? Philosophical Implications of the Discovery of Extraterrestrial Life by Paul Davies. File Date: 6.22.96. Origins & Design 17:1, Winter 1996.

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