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Dennis L. Feucht

Dennis Feucht has been involved in applied research and product design of electronic instruments, applied artificial intelligence, robotics, power electronics, and wider issues relating to science and technology. He operates Innovatia, an electronics design laboratory, in NW Pennsylvania.


Dennis L. Feucht


  • Determinism and the Semidecidability of a Free Choice
    Donald MacKay advanced an argument that for a free agent, physically determinate predictions about the agent were logically indeterminate for the agent. He concluded that free will is not excluded in a physically determinate world. Others have objected that MacKay’s argument fails to treat the predictions as truly deterministic. The argument presented here, unlike MacKay’s, begins with full determinism instead of free will, and concludes that free will is not logically indeterminate but semidecidable. Like MacKay’s argument, it concludes that deterministic predictions about agents cannot exclude free will. File Date: 04.09.01
  • Design in Nature and the Nature of Design
    From Origins & Design 19:2. The science of design has been maturing for some time. It is engineering. A logical first step toward addressing the question of design of life in nature is to begin with what is known about the nature of design from engineering. This paper surveys the relevance of functional theories to design of living organisms, and their relationship to chance, Darwinism and the engineering of robotic systems. File Date: 6.01.99

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