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David K. DeWolf
David K. DeWolf is a Professor of Law at Gonzaga School of Law in Spokane, Washington. A graduate of Stanford University and Yale Law School, Professor DeWolf has clerked for the Honorable Stephen Bistline of the Idaho Supreme Court. In addition to his teaching responsibilities, Professor DeWolf is a Fellow at the Discovery Institute in Seattle, which advocates for the teaching of intelligent design in the schools. He has written a briefing book for public school administrators, Teaching the Controversy: Darwinism, Design and the Public School Curriculum.

David K. DeWolf

 The Design Inference Intelligent Design in Public
School Science Curricula:

A Legal Guidebook


  • Teaching the Origins Controversy: Science, Or Religion, Or Speech? David K. DeWolf, Stephen C. Meyer, Mark Edward DeForrest. Utah Law Review 2000:39. (pdf file. 316kb)
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  • Intelligent Design in the Public School Science Curricula: A Legal Guidebook
    Online text of guidebook.

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