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John Angus Campbell  

John Angus Campbell

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Darwin Bicentennial Celebration:
A Retrospective Look at The Origin of Species

Interview with John Angus Campbell


  • John Stuart Mill, Charles Darwin, and the Culture Wars: Resolving a Crisis in Education John Angus Campbell. Calling it the "Tale of Two Controversies", a recent Martin Eger essay identified two major social and educational issues at the center of the our contemporary culture wars: the teaching of ethics in the public schools and the teaching of science (specifically Darwin's theory of evolution). In this article, first published in the 1996 Intercollegiate Review(v.31, n.2 Spring), John Angus Campbell sets forth the fact and nature of the contradiction over rationality manifest in this dispute, comments on the views of reason advanced by both sides, and offers suggestions for its potential resolution. File Date: 5.13.97.
  • Reflections on the Mere Creation Conference John Angus Campbell. Origins & Design 18:1, Winter 1997. University of Memphis rhetorician and Darwin expert John Angus Campbell sketches a lively report from his perspective as a participant at the November 1996 Mere Creation Conference, held at Biola University in La Mirada, California. File Date: 5.1.97.
  • Monkeying with Science Education John Angus Campbell. In this article published in The Commercial Appeal, March 18, 1996, John Angus Campbell analyzes Tennessee's proposed "Monkey Bill", and determines it to be "a bad means to a good end." File Date: 3.18.97.

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