Darwin's Black Box
Video Study Kit

Video DVD:
Irreducible Complexity :
The Biochemical Challenge to Darwinian Theory

Darwin's Black Box:
The Biochemical Challenge to Evolution

Video DVD:
Intelligent Design:
From the Big Bang to Irreducible Complexity
An Interview with Dr. Michael Behe

Focus on the Origin of Life The Mystery of Life's Origin Intelligent Design: Fromt he Big Bang to Irreducible Complexity

Using Examples of bacterial motors, cilia, vision, cellular transport, and more, Dr. Michael Behe helps to balance the facts on both sides of the question of origins. Through the incorporation of computer animations, this video brings Dr. Behe's book, Darwin's Black Box, to life.

Videotaped before a live audience at Princeton University.

Approximately 2 hours

Michael Behe, Associate Professor of Biochemistry at Lehigh University, argues that the most convincing evidence for design is not to be found in the stars or the fossils, but in biochemical systems. In this very readable layman's guide to biochemistry, Behe uses examples such as vision, blood-clotting, and cellular transport to demonstrate that life comprises an astonishing array of chemical machines, made up of finely calibrated, interdependent parts that defy current naturalistic explanations. Behe surveys professional science literature and shows that it is completely silent on the subject, stymied by the elegance of the foundation of life.

Michael J. Behe
Free Press, 1996, 307 pages, paperback

In this engaging interview, Professor Michael Behe explains how evidence from the Big Bang, the chemical origin of life, natural selection and biological systems all point to Intelligent Design. After being entrenched in neo-Darwinian explanations during his college years, Behe describes his pilgrimage back to critical thinking. He addresses questions about the limits of science, why theistic presuppositions are superior to naturalistic and materialistic presuppositions within science, and how Intelligent Design opens new empirical areas of research.

Approximately 57 minutes

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