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Right and Wrong as a Key to the Meaning of the Universe

J.P. Moreland

Formats: DVD

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This lecture is held in honor of C.S. Lewis? well known argument for the existence of God by the existence of universal morality. J.P. Moreland certainly does justice to the argument; however, he chooses to use it, not so much for a proof of the existence of God, but more so to show how morality and other related aspects of humanity cannot be accounted for by a naturalist worldview. After laying out a clear definition of naturalism from which to work, Dr. Moreland chooses four notions of humanity that can be observed by the common man, the existence of moral law being the first. ?Common sense people?, he explains, ?recognize that the moral law does not come to us as a set of descriptions, it comes to us in the form of imperatives or commands.? He explains how, through naturalistic means, molecules could certainly collide to form something in the shape of Mars, but no collision of atoms would result in the belching forth of commands. Continuing in this manner, he also covers the existence of equal human rights, design talk, and the reasoning behind moral behavior to form his overall argument against the world view of scientific naturalism as a sufficient means for explaining our universe. Two bonus innovative songs inspired by the works of C.S. Lewis and the lecture conclude the video.

J.P. Moreland received his Ph.D. in philosophy from the University of Southern California and his B.S. in physical chemistry from the University of Missouri. He is currently a distinguished professor of philosophy at Talbot School of Theology, Biola University. He is the author or co-author of fifteen books including: Christianity and the Nature of Science: A Philosophical Examination, The Creation Hypothesis: Scientific Evidence for An Intelligent Designer and Does God Exist? (with Kai Nielsen). He has also contributed to sixty technical articles in philosophical journals such as Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, The American Philosophical Quarterly and The Australasian Journal of Philosophy. His newest books are Body and Soul: Human Nature and the Crisis of Ethics (2000, InterVarsity Press) and Naturalism: A Critique (2000, Routledge) and Philosophical Foundations for a Christian Worldview (InterVarsity Press, 2003) which he co-authored with William Lane Craig.

Approximately 1 hour

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