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Christianity vs. Scientific Naturalism

William Lane Craig Garrett Hardin

Formats: DVD

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In this debate between William Lane Craig and Garrett Hardin, each participant attempts to show that his approach to truth is the best way to make sense of our world. The debate consists of initial statements by Craig and Hardin, rebuttals, second rebuttals,and audience questions. The moderator, Jeffrey Burton Russell, is Professor Emeritus of History at the University of California Santa Barbara. ~ Willam Lane Craig presents and advocates a Christian world view. With more than 80 articles and books in print, he holds doctorates in both philosophy and theology, as well as Master?s degrees in philosophy of religion and church history. He demonstrate his firm grasp on the most important cosmological and religious topics of our time. ~ Garrett Hardin, Professor Emeritus of Biological Sciences at UCSB, presents and advocates a world view of scientific naturalism. World-famous for his penetrating discussions of bioethics in a number of books and articles intended for scientific and general audiences, he is widely cited for his essay, ?The Tragedy of the Commons,? which addresses ecology, population theory, economics and political science.

Approximately 1 hour 47 minutes

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