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Video Animation:
Voyage Inside the Cell

Christian Sardet Andreas Koch Laurent Larsonneur

Formats: DVD

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People often ask what product I would recommend as the best introduction to Intelligent Design. For the past several years I have been recommending the Icons of Evolution documentary, for the first step in understanding the problems with the reigning paradigm of Darwinism, followed by the equally impressive documentary Unlocking the Mystery of Life, for an introduction to the concepts of design and the scientists who are behind the movement. Once the multimedia introduction has been completed, I recommend they move on to the half dozen books by Dr. Phillip Johnson and then tackle his video debate at Stanford with Dr. William Provine of Cornell.

But now I have a new favorite to go along with the first two documentaries above, and it comes from France. Voyage Inside the Cell is a 15-minute animated journey through the cell that leaves the viewer stunned with the amazing complexity and information content of the living cell. The haunting music and soothing female narration leaves you feeling like you have just stepped off a Disney ride at the end. Although 10-year-olds may not understand all the terminology that is used in the narration, they will certainly understand they have just been guided through a factory tour of immense complexity.

The complexity of the human cell is intuitively obvious as the narrator explains that the cell is populated by an amazing array of messenger molecules, miniature structures, and biochemical micro-machines. The 3-D computer animation follows a hormone on its journey through inner space, where it penetrates a cell's membrane, reaches the nucleus, and induces mitosis. Cell components such as proteins, enzymes, the endoplasmic reticulum, and cytoplasm are all identified, while a memorable depiction of cell division captures the beauty and information rich process of cellular reproduction.

This product was developed by Christian Sardet, a researcher and President of the French Cell Biology Society, along with Laurent Larsonneur and Andreas Koch of the Digital Studios in Paris France. Support for the production was provided by the French company Rhone-Poulenc Rorer Pharmaceuticals.

About the Authors
Christian Sardet, a research director of the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, leads a team of cell biologists at the Marine Station in Villefranche-sur-Mer, France. He is the author of several films, including Fertilization: The Story of Sperm and Eggs with images taken through the microscope.

Andreas Koch and Laurent Larsonneur founded Digital Studio, based in Paris, France, in 1993. Its multimedia products and computer-animated films, developed for private enterprise, institutions, science centers, and theme parks are distributed world-wide.

"The remarkable graphics really bring home in detail the large number of molecular processes and gadgets responsible for the behavior of a cell, including DNA replication and cellular division. Astonishing!"
-Francis Crick, The Salk Institute for Biological Studies


1. Membranes, Hormones, and Receptors
2. Signals and Calcium
3. Endocytosis
4. Mitochondria, Microtubules, and Motors
5. Cytoplasm and Centrosome
6. Inside the Nucleus: Genes
7. Nuclear Receptors and Micromachines
8. The Structure of DNA
9. DNA Makes RNA
10. From DNA to Chromosomes
11. Mitosis and Cell Division

Recommended for ages 10 - adult
Recommended for Public School, Private School and Homeschool use. 15 minutes.

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