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Unlocking the Mystery of Life
Video Documentary

Formats: DVD

Item# V026
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Unlocking the Mystery of Life is the story of contemporary scientists who are advancing a powerful, but controversial, idea-the theory of "intelligent design." It is a theory based upon compelling biochemical evidence. The story begins with a landmark meeting of design theorists assembled by Professor Phillip Johnson in Pajaro Dunes California in 1993. Unlocking the Mystery of Life then follows the development of the intelligent design movement through insightful interviews with Paul Nelson, Stephen Meyer, Dean Kenyon, Michael Behe, William Dembski, Jonathan Wells, Jed Macosko and Scott Minnich.

The interviews are brought to life with state-of-the-art computer animation and microscopic photography of living systems. The viewer is transported into the interior of the living cell to explore systems and machines that bear the unmistakable hallmarks of design. Amazing animation footage of the bacterial flagellum provides the viewer with a detailed tour of "the most efficient machine in the universe."

Within the nucleus explore the wonder of DNA, a threadlike molecule that stores instructions to build the essential components of every living organism. It is part of a biological information processing system more complex and more powerful than any computer network. Unlocking the Mystery of Life documents how scientists are abandoning naturalistic explanations for the origin of genetic information and looking to theories of design for new answers.

Unlocking the Mystery of Life is a remarkable documentary examining the scientific case for intelligent design -- an idea with the power to revolutionize our understanding of life?and to unlock the mystery of its origin.

Recommended for ages 10 - adult.
Recommended for Public School, Private School and Homeschool use.

67 minutes.

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