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Why is A Fly Not A Horse?
Dimenticare Darwin

Giuseppe Sermonti

Discovery Institute (Paperback), 176 pp., 2005

Item# B112
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This book's Italian title, Dimenticare Darwin, means "Forget Darwin," and its prologue bears the title "Evolution is dead!" The author, Dr. Giuseppe Sermonti, is a respected Italian biologist who boldly shatters the myth that all critics of Darwinian evolution are American religious fundamentalists. This delightful little book is loaded with scientific facts that aren't taught in standard biology classes, but it is also full of history and poetry. Why Is a Fly Not a Horse? does not have all the answers, but it asks many of the right questions�in a style that is both entertaining and inspiring.

About the Author
Giuseppe Sermonti is retired Professor of Genetics at the University of Perugia. He discovered genetic recombination in antibiotic-producing Penecillium and Streptomyces and was Vice President at the XIV Internation Congress of Genetics (Moscow, 1980). Sermonti is Chief Editor of Rivista di Biologia/Biology Forum, one of the oldest still-published biology journals in the world, and he has published seven other books, including Dopo Darwin ("After Darwin"), with R. Fondi (1980-1984).

"In this scholarly written book, the current ideas on evolution are critically studied in a broad context. The fallacious character of the current Darwinian dogmatism is clearly demonstrated. The attentive reader of the book will be fascinated from beginning to end.
�Dr. Leendert Van Der Hammen. Founder-Member of the Osaka Group for the Study of Dynamic Structures.

"With charming prose Sermonti describes biology which contradicts Darwinian expectations: leaf insects appearing in the fossil record before leaves, insects before plants, and biological forms that reflect abstract mathematical expressions. He shows that there are more things in life than are dreamt of in Darwinian philosophy."
�Dr. Michael Behe. Author of Darwin's Black Box

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