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The Evolution Controversy:
Understanding the Basic Issues in the Debate Between Biological Evolution

Jody Sjogren, M.S., Robert Lattimer, Ph.D., Doug Rudy, B.S

Metamorphosis Studios, Inc., 2005

Item# B109
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Downloadable Table of Contents and Preface

This document provides a compact summary, written in layman's terms, of the wide range of issues that are connected with the controversy over teaching evolution in the public schools. The citizen who wants to develop an informed perspective on this topic is faced with the daunting task of sifting through contradictory and confusing data on definitions of key terms (like evolution and intelligent design), claims about the core issues involved (is this about religion or science?), scientific issues related to evolution, as well as related legal and educational questions. This document seeks to bring clarity to each of these areas, providing sufficient technical depth on scientific topics to avoid oversimplification while remaining readable to the non-specialist.

Reader Comments:
"The text and drawings were perfectly understandable to someone like me with no biology or chemistry background. In fact it was one of the few explanations of DNA that I understood. I will be lending the book out to a few friends. It is easy to understand, not too technical, covers the main subjects and yet is fairly brief and not overwhelming."
Arthur Ude, retired airline pilot

"I found this book to be incredibly useful in explaining basically all of the areas included in evolution. My favorite aspect of the book is that it displays both sides of the issue. This really helps me in knowing where others are coming from in debates. It explains the pro-evolution points, and then it shows where the cracks in those points are and helps you know how to better respond to these topics. Overall this book is very useful in understanding this topic and has helped me debate better in the classroom."
Jon Allan, Student

I must have up to 100 published books and pamphlets in my origins debate library. One reason I have so many is that I have been looking for a better informational tool to give the leaders in my community, a tool which can correct some of the commonly held evolutionary myths and has the potential to expand their understanding of the basic science evidences which directly address the biological evolution question.

Of course, there are several lengthy books which tackle the issue effectively, but how do you get your busy professional acquaintance to diligently read a large book about a subject he/she feels already well informed? Clearly, the need is for a short, to the point overview, which can be read in an hour's time.

The 45 page booklet, The EVOLUTION CONTROVERSY, Understanding the Basic Issues in the Debate between Biological Evolution and Intelligent Design, is the best pamphlet I have found, which has the power to change a person's world view by simply explaining the science evidences which underlie both sides of the Evolution controversy.

The EVOLUTION CONTROVERSY booklet uses non-technical language, while it provides honest analysis of the scientific evidences and myths which are commingled in public education science classes. This booklet also explains and illustrates the science which supports biological Intelligent Design.

If there were a way to get every teacher, community and business leader, judge, pastor, and priest to read this booklet, the resulting effect would change many lives and consequently the governmental and business institutions in which they serve.
Dale Megenity, Ponca City, OK

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