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The Design Revolution:Answering the Toughest Questions about Intelligent Design

William A. Dembski

InterVarsity Press, (hardback edition), 334 pp., 2004

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Foreword by Charles W. Colson

Bill Dembski has been on the bleeding edge of the Intelligent Design movement and has the scars to show for it. His ideas, and those of the ID movement in general, have been challenged by the status quo critics in debates, lectures, book reviews and internet forums. In this book Dr. Dembski rises to the occasion clearly and concisely answering the most vexing questions posed to the Intelligent Design program. Writing with nonexperts in mind, Dembski responds to more than sixty questions asked by experts and nonexperts alike in short succinct chapters. Here are a few endorsements from the reviewers:

"Dembski, a philosopher/mathematician who has been an important theorist for the intelligent design movement, handles a wide range of questions and objections that should give both fans and detractors of ID plenty to chew on."
Publishers Weekly (Dec 22, 2003)

"Not everyone will agree with all that is claimed in this book, and some knuckleheads will reject its theses without reading the book at all; but something of what is claimed in these pages will strike every fair-minded reader as important and provocative. The book does what it proposes to do. It meets criticisms of intelligent design honorably; it allows new ideas to breathe."
David Berlinski, mathematician and author of A Tour of the Calculus and Secrets of the Vaulted Sky

"Through his techniques of design detection as well as his organizational efforts, William Dembski is making the revolution he describes in this book happen. If Thomas Huxley was 'Darwin's Bulldog,' Dembski is the man with the leash and the obedience training techniques to bring Darwinism into check."
Edward Sisson, law firm partner, Washington, D.C.

"Bill Dembski has come a long way in five years from the very technical approach of his Design Inference. One of his key concepts in arguing from the intrinsic features of a system to a designer is its 'specified complexity.' Here, through luminous examples provided throughout this volume, he makes this concept more concrete, clearer and much more persuasive, and links it very helpfully to information theory. Together with a lucid presentation of his arguments for a designing agency for living organisms, he deals with many of the objections to intelligent design theory, especially those that claim it involves supernatural causes, violates the laws of nature and is nonscientific. He does this very readably, in short, snappy chapters, which will make his analysis accessible to a much wider audience. Dembski has the rare ability to create profound new concepts, and he is making rapid strides from the bright but limited scientist into a mature interdisciplinary thinker."
John Roche, Linacre College, Oxford

"This is an incredibly valuable resource from one of the great thinkers in the intelligent design movement. If you've got questions about this important topic, look inside--you'll find the answers in an authoritative yet accessible style."
Lee Strobel, author of The Case for a Creator

"This book spells out clearly for the general public how and why the progress of modern science points strongly toward an intelligent designer. It answers the most common criticisms of design theory so deftly that it makes one wonder if dogged opponents of design have something on their minds other than pure science."
Michael Behe, Professor of Biology, Lehigh University, and author of Darwin's Black Box

"Dembski's latest book indicates more clearly than any other recent publication that I know why CSI--the sort of order observed in complex machines or computer programs--cannot originate by cumulative selection. The improbability is far too great! Obviously if biological systems contain considerable amounts of CSI as Dembski claims, then the standard Darwinian explanation is deeply flawed, and what is needed is a new paradigm for understanding the natural world."
Michael Denton, molecular geneticist and author of Evolution: A Theory in Crisis and Nature's Destiny

"This is the most brilliant defense of the intelligent design movement in print. Dr. Dembski systematically dismantles virtually every known objection to the argument for intelligent design. There is nothing like it in print. It is the latest and greatest on the topic."
Norman Geisler, philosopher and author of When Skeptics Ask

"Bill Dembski poses all the tough questions that critics ask about intelligent design in biology, and brilliantly answers them all!"
Phillip Johnson, author of Darwin on Trial

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