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Liberty University Law Review on Intelligent Design

Liberty University School of Law, softback, 374 pp., 2009

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by Hosea Horneman, John Calvert, Johnny Buckles, Casey Luskin, Edward Sisson, Barbara Mouly

Liberty University School of Law, Volume 3, Number 2, Spring 2009

This issue of the Liberty University Law Review (Vol 3, No 2) was produced as a result of a symposium on Intelligent Design and the Law hosted at Liberty University in February 2009. It contains five articles by lawyers providing different perspectives on why the teaching of ID in not only legal, but necessary in a public school curriculum that discusses origins. While there are various articles available on this topic, as well as the Kitzmiller court case, this is the only volume we are aware of that offers a comprehensive set of articles that correctly address the issue of ID and evolution in the public schools.

The authors take on difficult questions that continue to plague judges, educators and philosophers. Is intelligent design science? Is it religion? Is it both? Is Darwinian evolution science, religion or both? How should sensitive topics such as human origins be handled in the public schools? The Kitzmiller v. Dover case is examined in detail as well as other court cases related to the issue as the authors chart out various strategies for moving forward.

Table of Contents:

1. Forward by Hosea M. Horneman
2. Kitzmiller's Error: Defining "Religion" Exclusively Rather Than Inclusively by John H. Calvert
3. The Constitutionality of the Monkey Wrench: Exploring the Case for Intelligent Design by Johnny Rex Buckles
4. Zeal For Darwin's House Consumes Them: How Supporters of Evolution Encourage Violations of the Establishment Clause by Casey Luskin
5. A Socrates in Judicial Robes: An Address to Trial Judges Who Preside Over Cases Involving Intelligent Design by Edward Hawkins Sisson
6. Intelligent Design and Tort Law: Partners in a Unified Theory of Causation by Barbara Ruth Mouly

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