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Intelligent Design in Public School Science Curriculum: A Legal Guidebook

David K. DeWolf, Stephen C. Meyer, Mark E. DeForrest

Foundations for Thought and Ethics, Paperback, 42 pages, 1999

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A Legal Guidebook presenting the U.S. law and case histories that support the teaching of intelligent design in public school science curriculum. The guidebook's aim is to restore academic freedom in the public school science classroom. It makes a persuasive case for allowing students to consider both the strengths and weaknesses of Darwinian theory as well as those of its chief scientific rival, design theory. To teach just one view of a controversial subject-and to teach it uncritically-constitutes indoctrination, not education. This guidebook gives local school boards, teachers, parents, and attorneys the legal tools they need to defend a more liberally-minded approach to biology education. It makes a persuasive case for allowing teachers to teach the controversy, including the central controversy over whether the design that biologists of all theoretical persuasions encounter in their study of living things is not just apparent but actual.

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