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Slaughter of the Dissidents:
The Shocking Truth about Killing the Careers of Darwin Doubters

Dr. Jerry Bergman

488 pages, 2008

Item# B134
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Ben Stein's movie Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed has been called the "tip of the iceberg" regarding the discrimination that exists in academic and media communities against those who challenge Darwin's theory of evolution. With the release of Jerry Bergman's new book, Slaughter of the Dissidents, you are about to meet the rest of the this Titanic-sized iceberg. Bergman experienced the slaughter of his own career over thirty years ago while teaching at Bowling Green University, which started him on a life-long quest to document the academic and religious discrimination exhibited against students, scientists and educators who dare to doubt Darwin. Bergman interviewed over 300 people in his quest to document one of America's growing hate crimes. He also went to great lengths to interview folks on both sides of each case and sought to have each victim review his case description before publication. Kennedy, Eidsmoe, Bergman and Wirth lay the ground work in the opening pages to help you understand the context of this situation. Then Bergman dives into a page-turning narrative describing how career after career was mowed down by the big Darwinian machine...and there is no end in sight of this growing discrimination, unless you get this book into the hands of everyone who cares about our academic and religious freedoms.

Table of Contents

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Introduction by Dr. D. James Kennedy
Introduction by Dr. John Eidsmoe
Introduction by Dr. Jerry Bergman
Chapter 1: A Context for Discrimination Against Darwin Skeptics by Kevin H. Wirth
Chapter 2: Intolerance Against Darwin Skeptics
Chapter 3: Denial of Earned Degrees
Chapter 4: The Public Lynching of Roger DeHart
Chapter 5: Professors Richard Bube and Dean Kenyon
Chapter 6: The Ray Webster Case
Chapter 7: Peloza, Bishop and Johnson
Chapter 8: Rodney LeVake and Larry Booher
Chapter 9: The Nancy Bryson Case
Chapter 10: Caroline Crocker: Expelled Twice
Chapter 11: The Case of Biology Professor Dan Scott
Chapter 12: Raymond Damadian: Inventor of the MRI
Chapter 13: Guillermo Gonzalez and the Privileged Planet
Chapter 14: Survivors Von Braun, Adler and Chain
Chapter 15: What Can Be Done?

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