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The Politically Incorrect Guide to Darwinism and Intelligent Design

Jonathan Wells

Regnery Publishing (Softcover) 273 pages, 2006

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Six years after igniting the flames of controversy with his groundbreaking 2000 book, Icons of Evolution: Why Much of What We Teach About Evolution is Wrong, biologist Jonathan Wells, a senior fellow with Discovery Institute?s Center for Science & Culture, has written a new book on the debate over Darwinism and intelligent design: The Politically Incorrect Guide to Darwinism and Intelligent Design. The book is published by Regnery as part of their popular series of ?Politically Incorrect Guides.?

Dr. Wells, a biologist and senior fellow at the Discovery Institute, begins by explaining the basic tenets of Darwinism, and the evidence both for and against it. Wells then turns to the theory of Intelligent Design (ID), the idea that some features of the natural world, such as the internal machinery of cells, are too "irreducibly complex" to have resulted from unguided natural processes alone. In clear-cut layman's language, he reveals the growing evidence for ID coming out of scientific specialties from microbiology to astrophysics. And he explains why, since ID is not based on the Bible or religious doctrines, and doesn't draw any conclusions about who (or what) is the cause of design in nature, it is not a form of Biblical creationism or natural theology. Finally, Wells details how Darwinists have succeeded in imposing a government-supported monopoly on the biological sciences in this country -- and how opponents of Darwinism are being driven from their careers by Darwinist heresy-hunters.

Here are just a few of the topics covered in this book the Darwinists don?t want you to read:

  • How, though Darwin is often credited with citing "overwhelming evidence" for his theory of natural selection, all he actually provided was "one or two imaginary illustrations" of how it might work
  • Why many of Darwin's contemporaries regarded the same data he cited as evidence, not of common ancestry, but of common design
  • One pro-Darwin science writer who candidly admits that the chain of fossil ancestry is "a completely human invention created after the fact"
  • How, despite centuries of artificial breeding and decades of experiments, no one has ever observed one species turn into another ("speciation")
  • Why most alleged instances of "observed" speciation are actually analyses of already existing species that show how speciation might occur -- but never that it has
  • Darwin vs. Darwin: how he conceded that his theory was contradicted by known evidence (or lack thereof), though he hoped later findings would vindicate him - which still hasn't occurred after 150 years
  • How Darwin's "strongest single class of facts" -- the early vertebrate embryos -- shows the opposite of what he thought it showed
  • The Cambrian Explosion -- aka biology's "Big Bang": how it contradicts Darwin's branching "Tree of Life"
  • Word games Darwinists play (example: exploiting the diverse meanings of "evolution" to distract critics)
  • How science textbooks continue to feature "evidence" for Darwinism that has long since been proven fraudulent
  • "Nothing in biology makes sense except in the light of evolution," one Darwinist claims. Then why were most major biological disciplines founded either before Darwin, or by scientists who rejected his theory?
  • Why the clinical practice of medicine has no use for Darwinism, despite claims that it is impossible to practice medicine without applying its principles
  • Evolutionary biologist: "Perhaps it would be easier, and in the long run more productive, to abandon the attempt to force the data . . . into the mold provided by Darwin"
  • Modern microbiologist: "Throughout 150 years of the science of bacteriology, there is no evidence that one species of bacteria has changed into another"
  • National Academy of Sciences member: "Darwin's theory ... serves no important role in guiding modern experimental biology. That branch of science simply makes no practical use of Darwin's theory"
  • How Darwin's theory provided the pseudoscientific foundation for the Nazis' racial extermination policies
  • How Haeckel's famous faked embryo drawings were widely used to promote abortion in late twentieth-century America by convincing people that human embryos were little more than fish
  • How the most common definition of Intelligent Design in the news media is flatly incorrect
  • How living cells -- which Darwin thought were mere blobs of protoplasm -- actually consist of countless molecular machines that have all the hallmarks of design
  • How design can be inferred not only in living things but also in various features of the cosmos, such as gravity
  • How the Earth itself seems uniquely designed not only for life, but also for scientific observation
  • How Darwin changed the definition of "science" itself to mean providing materialistic explanations for everything
  • How Darwinism is widely used in public education to discredit traditional Christianity and promote atheism
  • How Darwinists have openly declared that they will destroy the careers of professors and students who criticize them or defend intelligent design -- and they're doing it

?This Politically Incorrect Guide provides a superb, easily readable summary treatment of the important issues at stake in the intelligent design controversies. It empowers readers to decide the big questions for themselves, rather than being forced to rely on the dictates of biased experts.?

? Phillip E. Johnson, Professor of Law emeritus, University of California-Berkeley

Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Wars and Rumors
Intelligent Design
War of the Worlds

Chapter 2 What the Fossil Record Really Says
Darwin's Tree of Life
The Cambrian Explosion
A Whale of a Story
Bedtime Stories
Want to Start a Barroom Fight?

Chapter 3 Why You Didn't "Evolve" in Your Mother's Womb
Darwin's Strongest Evidence
Bending the Facts of Nature
Darwinism Explains the Evidence?Away
Evo-Devo to the Rescue?
A Fly Is a Fly Is a Fly

Chapter 4 What Do Molecules Tell Us about Our Ancestors?
Molecular Phylogeny
A Whale of a Story, Part 2
Are We Closer to Insects or Worms?
Uprooting the Tree of Life
Reading the Entrails of Chickens

Chapter 5 The Ultimate Missing LInk
Evolution's Smoking Gun
Speciation as a Research Program
Alleged Instances of Observed Speciation
Microevolution and Macroevolution
One Long Bluff

Chapter 6 Not Even a Theory
Textbook Controversies
Underwhelming Evidence
Science by Consensus
Applied Materialistic Philosophy?
Too Good for Darwinism

Chapter 7 You'd Think Darwin Created the Internet
Agriculture and Genetics
The Discovery of Antibiotics
Resistance to Antibiotics
Nothing in Biology?
Taking Credit Where None is Due

Chapter 8 The Design Revolution
Design Inferences
No Free Lunch
Dembski's Dangerous Idea
Monkeys Typing Shakespeare

Chapter 9 The Secret Life
DNA: the Molecule
DNA: the Message
The Origin of Biological Information
Peer Review

Chapter 10 Darwin's Black Box
Irreducible Complexity
Seeing and Clotting
The Bacterial Flagellum
Which Moscow Is This?

Chapter 11 What a Wonderful World
Cosmic Fine-Tuning
Our Privileged Planet
Intelligent Design at the Smithsonian
Is This Heaven?

Chapter 12 Is ID Science?
What Is Science?
Methodological Naturalism
Sociological and Psychological Criteria
The Science of Intelligent Design
But Is It True?

Chapter 13 To Teach, or Not to Teach
A Tale of Two Teachers
Teaching the Controversy
Teach ID, but Do It Badly
Kansas and Ohio
Traipsing into Evolution

Chapter 14 Darwinism and Conservatives
Conservatives Against ID
Darwinian Conservatism?
Darwinism and Social Values
It's the Economy, Stupid!
The Heart of the Matter

Chapter 15 Darwinism's War on Traditional Christianity
The Christian Tradition
Darwinism vs. Christianity
Surrendering on Darwin's Terms
Roman Catholicism
An Establishment of Religion

Chapter 16 American Lysenkoism
The Darwinists' View
Soviet Lysenkoism
Denunciation and Dismissal?
Will the Real Lysenkoists Please Stand Up?
Outlawing Criticisms of Darwinism

Chapter 17 Scientific Revolution
The Structure of Scientific Revolutions
Why Darwinism Will Lose
Inordinately Well-Funded?
ID as a Scientific Research Program
Why Intelligent Design Will Win




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