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Free to Think Study Kit: Book plus Expelled DVD for one low price

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Book by Caroline Crocker, Documentary featuring Ben Stein

The Expelled documentary hit the theaters in 2008 with host Ben Stein trying to get to the bottom of one simple question:  is it possible to challenge Darwin’s theory of evolution in our culture without getting fired or marginalized?  One academic featured briefly in the documentary was Dr. Carolyn Crocker who lost her teaching position at George Mason University (GMU) for encouraging students to “think outside the box” when it came to Darwin’s theory.  Those who want to know more about the individuals featured in the film can now dive into 330 pages of Free to Think, an autobiographical account of Dr. Crocker’s gross mistreatment by administrators at GMU, including their tactics to “buy off” the law firm representing her legal claims against the University.

This Free to Think Study Kit is a great introduction to academic freedom issues surrounding Darwin’s theory.  The Expelled documentary give a great overview establishing the dogmatic views of leading Darwinist academics and the militant intellectual persecution in our culture towards those who dare to challenge the status quo.  After watching the documentary, the viewer can then jump into a carefully detailed account of one such story and learn the behind-the-scenes tactics employed by large institutions to kill the careers of Darwin dissenters.


Caroline Crocker is President of American Institute for Technology and Science Education (AITSE), a non-profit organization dedicated to educating to increase scientific understanding and integrity so that science will be based on evidence, not mere consensus.

Dr. Crocker did her post-doctorial studies in analysis of fluorescence resonance energy transfer interactions between proteins of the T-cell receptor/NF-kB signal transduction pathway at the Uniformed Services University in Bethesda, MD.  While completing her Ph.D. in immunopharmacology as an external student at Southampton University, U.K., Dr Crocker worked at Creighton University, Omaha, NE as a research associate, bringing in numerous grants, conducting basic immunology research, and publishing extensively.  She received an M.Sc in medical microbiology from Birmingham University, U.K., a B.Sc. in microbiology and virology from Warwick University, U.K., and an A.A. from Des Moines Area Community College, IA, having graduated from high school at the age of 16.

Dr. Crocker taught various biology courses for five years at George Mason University (GMU) and Northern Virginia Community College.  While at GMU, she won three grants, including one from the Center for Teaching Excellence, and received commendations for high student ratings, and authored a cell biology workbook.

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